Friday, July 18, 2014

Who Pulls The Strings?

Stradivini is another excellent movie with Anthony Quin who plays a violin maker.
It comes in two parts.
I also watched The Red Violin which is also wonderful and worth watching on you tube.
Back then every piece was carved by hand and today these violins are sold for over a million dollars
because of the history behind them and who played them.

Makes me wish I played the violin.
but then I'd be crying most of the time because the strings do tug at the heart.
This is why it is such a special instrument.

Today was dog clipping day. My Bella screamed blue murder. Ayayyay!
Don't like this! Don't like that ! lol
but she came out looking beautiful.
After a few more times she will know the groomer and accept what has to be done.
(I hope).
Then we were glued to the news and the M17 crash.
What a terrible thing to happen. One family has people lost now on two Malay planes.
Andrei Anghel was a 24 year old Canadian, learning to become a doctor, flying to Bali.

After listening to a panel discussing the issue, there was only one fellow, A Professor of Russian studies, who spoke the truth.
The world is full of opinions understanding nothing as usual. Including Mr Obama.

This man said you can have an opinion but you can't change the facts and the facts tell a different story.
They are attacking Mr Putin to create another problem in the world.
Every one is pointing fingers because someone needs to pay for the crime.
How do you pay for a mistake?  All seems so senseless.

Someone is profiting from all this trouble not caring about all the loss of blood and heart ache.
 The people are still lying on the field in pieces and no one knows when they will be picked up,
while looters walk around picking up things they find on the ground.
Just unimaginable.
A while back, before 9/11, there was one woman who disclosed that soon there will be a cleansing of the world of people, because there are just too many mouths to feed.

Then all this trouble began. One thing after another.

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