Friday, July 11, 2014

Carpet Laughter.

I don't usually like Joan Rivers cause sometimes she goes too far and gets gross but this
episode made me laugh.

The weather is super duper these days so I took out the carpets and hung them to wash on the porch.
I used Ivory dish washing liquid and a good jet stream from the hose and now they are drip drying in the sun. Power washing carpets is the new thing dontcha know.
The sun should kill anything left in them should there be something.

My Mom used to take out her Indian rug out in winter to clean in the snow.
We would both be there throwing snow on it and swooshing the broom on both sides of it.
It came back in fresh and clean. We never had dirt or dust or chemicals in it.

My Mom was meticulous that way. Everything had to be disinfected all the time.
No one allowed on the rug.
Her floors were polished to a mirror shine and she would sit talking about her floors all the time cause no one was allowed to walk on them either .
 My Dad one day got mad at her and told her he would remove the floors if she continued to bicker about them. When we sold our house the people who bought it stripped all her wood floors and tiled them My Mom was heart broken. lol
Had she known, we would have used them.

No wonder I am the exact opposite of her. I say dirt is good for you.
Farmers sit in it all their lives and a good farmer knows his soil by the texture and taste of it
and you know what they use to fertilize soil dontcha ? lol
 When we would drive by a field freshly fertilized by cow manure, we would take a deep whiff and say hmmm Good Fresh Air!!
while my Mom who hated dirt and farms, would be turning green.
My Dad and I enjoyed playing with her this way.

As she got older she got over it cause we loved farms and towards the end, I'd take her to the horse club where my kids would ride and she and I would enjoy feeding the horses carrots.
What a lovely life to live amongst such gentle beasts who really perk up when they see you coming with a bag of greens. Doesn't take long before 10-15 horses surround you waiting their turn to crunch.

I love throw carpets for this cleaning reason. The wall to wall can never really be clean cause they lay them over dirt to begin with so when they get wet, guess what you are wetting under neath on the wood?
Have a great Day!

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