Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Beauty of Grace

Watching the Princess Grace of Monaco movie,
 I could understand why Prince Rainier loved her so.
She did so much for Monaco and was admired by all
who came into contact with her.
She is similar to Queen Elizabeth and Princes Diana who also took their
 duties seriously more so than the other royals.

These are beautiful women, setting great role models for many
to follow.
I am sure the lives they led/lead are not easy but it is nice to know
that somewhere in this world, duty inspires politeness, gentleness of spirit ,
teaches leaders to be kind and caring of the people in their country who love
and support them.
By such royals, people are inspired to be better people in nations that would otherwise
lose the meaning of such things as dignity, self respect, honesty, grace,....

Like Nicole Kidman said: It is a fairy tale that can come true for every one.

I think Nicole Kidman did a wonderful job portraying Princess Grace.
Great movie.


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