Saturday, November 30, 2013

Farewell Adieu

by rex libris 99
I tried playing my piano after so long of not touching it I was level 4 but now have digressed lol
Fingers don't obey have to be retrained.

But I came across this video with sheet music and thought the pictures on it were very nice.

Woke up to a very dull day. It has been raining for two days.
Hard to keep floors clean like this but it sure is a nice day for Crock pot soup which I put a pot on of
for today to keep the boys warmed up.

I had a wonderful Thanks giving at my friends house. We don't see each other much since soccer days are over but its nice to keep the boys friends to keep memories alive.
She has a very tall tree in her living room with white lights and her boys put up their villages
for Christmas.
Coming back the stores were open all night for Black Friday and we could see line ups of people
so we didn't stop. It was already late when we were going home. This is the first time they asked me how much money I had on me crossing the border into the states. I wonder why since people shop with credit cards.

Here at home our stores were packed too. I think every one will be happy this year if they stop fighting over goods.

Hope you all have a nice Saturday.



Rick Watson said...

Neither Jilda nor I shop on Thanksgiving or Black Friday.
Jilda worked in retail for years and had to deal with the madness, so we've sworn off commerce on these tow days.

A Lady's Life said...

Neither do we Rick .
My son went last year and stood in the pouring rain and I don't think he liked it For the couple bucks you save it was spent in time and gas.