Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Voices From the Past

Tiss a beautiful day outside and so tiss also a good day to be jolly.
Half of November is over.
Walmart sure has these beautiful  moving reindeer, all in gold
and they had a few nice artificial trees but I guess the prices will go down a bit later.
We also saw stands go up by the highway ready for cut trees.

I remember our neighbor took his tree outside into the street and lit a match
It was dry and burnt almost as fast as a match. Pure magic and scary thinking
what it would be like if this happened in a house.

Not a good idea to let a tree go dry in the house.
It reminds me that in the olden days they always had real candles on a tree.
It must have been very beautiful but also very dangerous.
They were in special containers and also were not to be lit more than 5 minutes.

People still do this sometimes to get the feel of the old Christmas but then they have a fire extinguisher close by.
At the rate the tree burns I don't know if this will help much though

 The gentle voices of the wooden cross boys choir presented  Ave Maria
Always one of my favorite and one I used to sing as well.

Have a good one.



George said...

I've been a little surprised at how soon the stores have been filled with Christmas decorations. We always had a live Christmas tree (but not with candles) , but now we have an artificial tree.

A Lady's Life said...

Yes me too George.
But I guess a lot depends on Christmas sales

Maude Lynn said...

It's amazing to me that people used to put candles on the Christmas tree. Scary!

A Lady's Life said...

Christmas was a special holiday Mama Zen. and candles made it even more so
I wouldn't mind trying this on an outdoor tree.