Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Weeping Guitar.

by id raleo
Usually its violins that make you cry.
I still have my Dads guitar and every time I look at it I remember him playing .
Some things stay a part of the family Like their bedroom bureau which still have their pictures on it.
I don't agree with having to get rid of everything when a person departs.
 Its nice to know they are still around I still have my Dads hat. He wore the same one most of his life. His glasses and oil can.
He left his tools for the boys but they are not machine oriented. My husband though loves them.
You can't buy tools like this anymore.
Some things are nice to frame with a picture to show who he was.
The great grand children might like to know.

I transplanted the strawberry babies and they look unhappy Hope they take cause they do have little roots.
We turned the heat off and it wasn't cold in the house It will probably cool off tonight.
The leaves have almost all fallen off the trees.

We got gas today for 1.10 a litre. So we filled up.
Hasn't been that price for a long time.

We stopped by the fiat dealers and the little cars are 30k Are they crazy?
They are the size of mini austins.

The day went by quickly . Took a nice nap in the afternoon so I will probably be up all night.

Have yourself a good evening.



George said...

I do hope you're not up all night. I'm glad you have your father's guitar -- something like that really does need to stay in the family. I hope your strawberries make it -- it's very cold here and I doubt that anything transplanted outside would make it.

Gattina said...

Of course you can't keep everything, but what is dear to you should be kept.

A Lady's Life said...

George I took almost everything in
Keeping my fingers crossed on the baby strawberry plants .

A Lady's Life said...

Gattina = People basically hide every thing but I still have the pics displayed. You can't just do away with memories