Thursday, November 14, 2013


 Christmas stuff is coming out. All the Santas and Angels and Mrs Clauses
are getting ready to share all their wonderful toys with boys and girls
all around the world. It will be a very busy night for sure for Santa and his helpers.
There are so many children and more each year, who have been awfully good and
 deserve a present from ol St Nick.

I can't help but go back to the story I grew up with, when this rich old man knew some poor
families and left them a basket on Christmas Eve full of goodies he thought they needed.
No one knew who he was but he did it every year to bring some joy to this world.

I love toys and they always cheer me up to look at. Some you put away and forget about and then
you find them again and they bring back so many memories.

I got myself a raccoon hat and it has  coon claw mittens.
 If we go up into the mountains this Christmas I hope people don't mistake me
 for a coon lol

I am in the process of making a painting stand The one I bought was not very
strong and so easy to break so I found a way to make one using 2x2's
All it needs is a screw and a drill to make holes .
It has holes going up it so you can put any size canvas on it to paint. Big or small,
 it is sure not to break .All you need to do is change the holes with the plugs that
 keep the painting in place.

 I really want to finish the pieces I already started, before Christmas. They have been standing a long time.
 Paintings make a home have a homey feeling to it.
If they are passed from generation to generation this too is wonderful.

Framing a few of them will be my Christmas present.
I thought of making my own frames but they will cost the same in material as it would having it done
professionally so this will be a present to my community to provide a job for someone this Christmas.
Not much to think about there.

The day hasn't decided if it wants to be sunny or cloudy. At least it is not cold like in some places.
The kids are preparing their snow boards and skiis for winter sports.
Parents are hoping they come home safe with no broken legs .
The young get the fun and the old get the worry but then soccer is not that much safer.
Some kids get the same broken bones almost every year.
They don't learn to keep their feet away from kicks but then some players kick on purpose
to hurt another player and you wonder what for.
Are they going to make a million dollars if they win?

It's just a game.

Well I guess time to go back to the kitchen and check the croc pot
Once it boils it will be time to put in the okra potatoes and other veggies.
I still have my little pumpkins to chop up and cook.
Keep forgetting to do that.
 Here is a strawberry recipe you might like to try:

 Blessings till the next time.

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