Saturday, November 2, 2013

Crab Face

Is it me or can you see a face here?
I see a face a chicken and a dog.

Tanya got her stitches out and she was a trooper Came out happy from the vets,
did her thing and then came home and did nothing but sleep.

Either she is trained to think she is tied or something is wrong with her.

She is not behaving like she usually does.

Tomorrow I will try playing with her balls and see how that works.

I put chairs in the kitchen to block Beau from going to the front door and therefore to the living room
He eats on the couch there, when no one knows  is there, pees there,  so this is something new, after what,....
 14 years???

Wats up with that?

He knows he's bad.
Maybe the new baby visitor dog visiting has something to do with it cause he comes and pees everywhere.
I told my son not to bring him here anymore and he is pouting.
I would say nothing if he cleaned up after the dogs but he doesn't.

He is 21 but behaves like a 12 year old.

His girl friend is not better. She is a princess.
Gets huffy when her dog is  not allowed to pee in a visitor house.

She is just hungry and sick all, the time.
Need lots of care like her dog.

I sure have all the luck.

When it comes, it comes in

NO!! NO!! NO!! NO!!

Every thing NO!

Am I good or what?? lol

In the east they sell female crabs with roe. Here in BC it's against the law.
Guess we have to import female crabs or grow our own.

Or maybe not eat crabs at all.



Akelamalu said...

Both my sons have dogs and sometimes bring them to visit - it drives me mad! Not because I don't like dogs, I do, but that they allow them to climb on the furniture like they do at home, so I spend all my time telling the dogs to 'GET DOWN'!

A Lady's Life said...

Akelamalu - I too love dogs but I had one male maltese . I think he came from a puppy mill and was inbred . He was soo hard headed and did what he wanted .
Well I had new expensive couches and he went and peed them all up.Lifted his leg on everything.
So I said no more male dogs lol
My golden peed like a girl He was an angel dog.Beau is lazy and lifts half way up but the maltese lifted as high as he could. lol He didn't care where he did it.
So once they begin to pee then every one wants to pee over what was peed on.
I also got my son the rubber foam to put on his mattress to make it softer for him and the visiting dog peed on the bed, so he is refusing to sleep on it.So it is all so very annoying.