Saturday, November 16, 2013

Warm Wishes

Last night was freezing cold.
My son came home from soccer as an icicle.
I hate him breathing this cold air and this is why most of the year he is sick.
Good thing I had croc pot soup at hand. This sure is a savior for weather like this.

Head banging his head didn't help either cause now he has coon eyes.
Soccer is not a safe game and getting the golden boot has consequences
cause now you become a target.

We visited the new Target store.
It was not very full compared to Walmart which always has so many people.
But I can see why.
Pizza at Super Store and Walmart you can buy for 3.49 and Target sells for 4.99
or 5.00 That's a pretty big mark up.
If they want people to buy they have to lower the prices. This is why Sears is closing stores.
Its the best place to shop but expensive.
The Langley store is not so nice but the one in Scottsdale Mall is very pretty
and even has a Starbucks.

We saw this cute griffon/chin at the pet store.
He was adorable, a real kisser, loved cuddles and looked into your eyes.
These are all signs of a good dog.
I wanted to buy him cause he was in the store a long time now but they jacked up the prices so high it's a crime.
They are just pets.
On kijiji they have a lot of false advertisements of dogs for sale
They put this beautiful pic of a pup but no such pup exists. All they want is your money
and they will ship it to you. Ya right.
If you don't see the dog , don't pay for it.

My Sears washing machine keeps breaking. It's digital. I hate digital. Even the
refrigerators are digital and they are so easy to poke your finger through
especially with kids around.

Nothing like the old fashion appliances. They work 30 years without a glitch and are cheaper to buy.
These new cars too are nothing but a pack of trouble  with big  fixing bills to look forward to.
 The mechanics don't want to bother . Instead of fixing they trash and install new.
Not good for the environment, thats for sure.
The digital door on my car broke and only my husband got down on his knees to open the door so it could be fixed and not trashed. Every one else said replace the door. They are not taught to open seized up doors.

The wringer on this washer keeps breaking and it lifts up so the clothes can't be
spun well. My husband fixed it once and now the plastic piece broke and so now he has to go to Sears to see if he can get a new part.
It's only 2 years old.
The machine doesn't like heavy clothing so if you have fleecies per wash.
Most of my clothing is fleecy and my son has tons of hoodies and pants as well.
He's the kind of guy who will never wear the same thing twice. Even towels have to be washed immediately after use. He smells everything before wearing and it has to smell like a princess or it goes into the wash.
So what do you do with a machine that hates to do its' job lol?

Thankfully I still have the old one which I use in emergencies like these and it never complains.
Just plugs along. Pays to buy the refurbished  models for 150.00 than to pay 1000.00 for a new one
which will not work. The new ones are for delicate washes, sorta like what people have become today.
Sensitive delicate creatures, very dependent and needy and temperamental individuals
like what we called SPOILED ROTTEN in my days.
Gees if we showed any of those symptoms, we were shown the what for. lol
No one could claim abuse because it was the same for every one.
So you stopped sniffling and buckled up.

I don't think the new appliances  would care one way or another.
It's not that they are retarded but just that they are not as sensitive to make adjustments
to the type of wash they are expected to do.

I mean you can't tell it for example: Be careful . It's heavy. Or Be careful it is delicate.
It is even a chore to open the machine to stick extra things inside cause it locks.
Every time you play with the computer it can seize up on you and then you have to
wait a day or two for it to reprogram itself. Then it takes a year to finish one load as opposed to the old one where you can do two for the same time sequence.

I also have to get new printer ink. My husband says lets just get a new printer with the ink.
 Its cheaper. There should be laws to protect customers from bad products in view of
also protecting the environment.

WE NEED LOCAL MADE PRODUCTS to obtain accountability and responsibility for what is bought and for what is sold.
The old days were good. People talked to each other and cash was more important than credit.

Well have a good Saturday . I sure am glad the plants are all inside.
Only Beau refuses to come inside. We call him but he runs into the yard to pretend to pee.
Since he got old he behaves weird and wants out every 5 minutes.
Guess he likes his freedom out there.



Magia da Inês said...

Passei para uma visitinha.

Bom domingo!
Boa semana!

A Lady's Life said...

Thanks Magia

Maude Lynn said...

Not too long ago, I had a Sears washer that was a pure piece of junk. I will never own another one!

A Lady's Life said...

Mama Zen I hope its not the case with my machine but I sure am disappointed.Sears and the Baie were the best stores to buy from.
I noticed today everything is made out of plastic instead of metal and this is what is wrong with todays products but the prices go up.