Monday, November 4, 2013


 It was such a gorgeous day yesterday and all on fire.
The city put color on the streets so now we have plenty to look at.
So nice to have different kind of trees all around.

Was a busy day yesterday.

We went out to do some errands.
I sat mostly in the car while hubby  did the running around. I still can't step on my leg because of the knee.
Something is displaced. I massaged it and had some electricity in the inside of the ankle and then the leg was fine for a while but then displaced again.
 I guess it is time to lose weight. lol

We tried getting crabs but when hubby went to buy them for 4.99 at T&T in Central Mall.The aquarium was full of one legged crabs
 They pulled one leg off each one so he got disgusted and didn't buy any.
It's bad enough they don't sell females here but now they rip off legs and the poor crab is still alive in the aquarium.
In the east you can get females with roe and here they are stubborn.No females for sale.It's illegal to catch them.
I told my husband would be good to raise crabs in the aquarium and then let them go into the ocean.
Have to look into it.

We'll try again at Superstore. Maybe they will have whole crabs.

I brought my Mothers' wheechair inside and now wheel myself around and it is so much nicer with no pain.
Give the leg a rest. Maybe it will help.
We went to Walmart and I got myself pants and t shirts The shirts were for 3 bucks a piece.
They were all like 20.00 dollars regular.
So I lucked out.The detergent was on special so I got two containers and the toilet paper.
I like to shop there for things like that cause we have tons to wash with my son soccering.
He changes like three times a day.But you have to watch because they try tricking you by putting the wrong labels under the wrong products. Once me and this other lady checked and said boy this is a good price for toilet paper. I mean, literally, it is really money down the toilet lol So why pay a lot. 32 double rolls for 6.99.
Great! At the cash it was 19.99. We watched to make sure we paid the right price and so were able to say nope.
No sale .

With the weather we have here, a fleecy jacket and light shirt underneath is good enough.
If it gets colder then you can use a poncho. Layering is the thing to do here.
I plan to do some swimming this year, if we can get up early and go before the crowds.

We put my computer table by the window beside the bed and we put Tanyas rubber container with the pillow under it and she slept like a baby inside.
I use it in the car cause she likes to look out side and for me to hold her This way it is comfortable for the both of us.
We slept good too cause we didn't have to worry about the dog lying on the bed.

Yesterday was Deepavali and the Sikhs were blowing firecrackers and fire works Tanya got scared and asked for help She sat in hubbys' arms hyperventilating.

When he went out she climbed into my arms It took me a while to calm her down and then she slept
in my arms belly up with her mouth wide open.
Such trust they have in people.
Beau barked and then ran into the room too feeling more comfort in numbers.

They stopped for a while and then began again and Tanya ran to the front door again shaking , trying to protect us while Beau stayed in the room lol
He is a coward dog. lol

This Tanya is small and useless but she will give her life
If push came to shove Beau is old but he'll be right behind her. lol
He looks scary like a junk yard dog and bulky with the thick fur.

So was another dog day after all.
With no kids the dogs become our kids. 

Have a good one.


Maude Lynn said...

My dogs are just like kids, too!

A Lady's Life said...

Mama Zen They are better than kids lol