Friday, June 11, 2010

The Who What Where When Why of It.


Here is another example of people, in a country, who don't know what their country is all about.
and this is not only in the states.



Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

these are cute!

George said...

I'm embarrassed!

A Lady's Life said...

Don't feel bad George.
It's the same everywhere and this is why things are not working.
People vote with their feelings instead of with their brains.
You need to know what the right questions to ask are.
Now you need to ask why is this person running for politics?
Is he genuine? Are his reasons for running because he cares about the country? Does he have answers to problems or is Or is it just a job
and the answers lie in more taxation which is no answer at all.
Is he bringing jobs back home?
Is he going to build a good infra structure? Does he care what his constituents and say and teach right from wrong? or does he cave in to his governments ideologies regardless?

A Lady's Life said...

Jingle.- I can;t resist McDonald critters lol
Its too bad they recalled the Shrek glasses. Now I worry about drinking from the other older one I have.