Sunday, June 27, 2010

Coon Huntin

Cute Aren't they?
And SMART!!!!
And Alert!!!

I put up a cage with food to entice them to come in but no ball game.
Too smart for a cage.

They love the cats and each respects each other and they know who lives here cause we've been watched and sometimes you can forget they are wild animals till they come and nip your finger off.
My 18 year old cat went and swiped one on the nose to say stay away from my food and it obeyed him.
Tatty is on his last legs but he will go out fighting. He was raised by a dog and is not intimidated by anyone. He made a Rottweiler look for help lol

I told my son we have two animals to put down and he said no. They will die at home. So we sit and suffer with them and the coons. lol

One family let go their 4 dogs on the coons and they killed all 4 dogs. Must have been domestic house dogs, not trained to kill.

I complained to the city about the coons. There are so many running around the streets at night These last few days I haven't seen any around to come to the cage.

Well maybe they are bothering some one else now. HOPE?? HOPE?

In the mean time I put my cats to eat into the cage and they don't like it. lol

I thought if the coons get the scent of the cats eating there then they would go in to eat there but so far no such luck. Only the neighbors cats have no shame and hop inside lol

Staying up all night hunting coons is a difficult job. But One thing I don't want is to deal with a half crazed coon. You feel bad for these little guys but then they are trespassing aren't they. Uninvited guests.

Now I have to climb the roof and bang in a metal netting they can't tear off before putting up the eves again. They make the eves in plastic and thin so the heavy coon falls right through. I see them walking with broken paws and think yup, they fell through onto the cement but they don't care. If there isn't a tree to climb they just climb up the house. I would never believe it if I didn't see it with my own eyes.

Today my son and his friend helped with some of the yard clean up. Its been raining a lot so the grass grew tall and can't be mowed till its dry. In summer it doesn't grow because the sun just bakes everything. So I am lucky in having only a few cuts a year to do.

I live by the bog and it is full of birds and squirrels and berries.It makes growing flowers impossible because the wild animals come and eat the seeds bulbs and roots One squirrel made a hole in the eves which attracted the birds and then the coons came for the eggs.
I have an apple tree the squirrels make good use of and there are cherry trees as well someone planted. The only plants I can rely on to stay and grow are roses because they are prickly.

Now I always wanted a garden but then the animals will come again at night
Unless its all netted up and even then they are strong little buggers with sharp teeth.

My son is not happy to be doing yard work but I told him part of being a grown up is doing things you don't like lol
I mean we did it from 10 12 years of age and never complained. We were always glad to help our parents . Today times have changed.
Well that's what I am busy with these days.
Hope all is well at your end .


Akelamalu said...

They are cute but I suppose if there are too many they will become a nuisance, a bit like foxes here.

Maude Lynn said...

I didn't realize that raccoons were so aggressive!

Gattina said...

Your whole story sounds so exotic to me ! besides a fox which could eventually steal some cat food there is no other special animal around. I should come and see one life, so far I only saw coons in a zoo, lol !

Thanks for your comment on a very old post ! I kept the link, I had completely forgotten that I had written about Chief Evergreen.
We have been so many times to the States after this first time, that we visited almost everything what tourists should see, lol from the Niagara falls, over Yellowstone Parc Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Utah, San Francisco etc. I think I wrote one about all the different States we had visited in the 90th..

A Lady's Life said...


Yes coons can become very vicious and unpredictable. Especially when there are babies around.
The babies also snarl and have sharp little teeth. The thing is you don;t want to be bit because their teeth carry germs and flesh eating disease.
No one wants a dose of that.
You don;t know where they've been or what they ate They eat cats. One of my cats was ripped apart by one in a neighbors yard.
She didn't want to tell me. It was a lovely fluffy tabby but I guess the coon did not know it lived there and they are territorial.
It was probably hungry and the cat was not suspecting trouble from anyone. Tatty is different. Tatty is also a male alpha cat. Even bony and old as he is today, he shows strength of character and they know they are on his
Cats and dogs and people become a pack when they all live in one family.
This is the way animals see things.
They will all fight together against a coon.