Friday, June 11, 2010

Now You Know!


Akelamalu said...

I must remember that Japanese way of folding t-shirts when I next pack. :)

George said...

I think I'll stick with the way my mother taught me.

A Lady's Life said...

I watch it and it looks so easy, but I can;t get my brain to do it.
I guess I have to try doing it over and over and over again.
The Asians know how to pack so much in so little space it amazes me.They are so good at it.
While I am struggling with suitcases, most of the contents of which I never use, they walk around simply with back backs and don't seem worse for wear.
So I am learning to do with a lot less now.
My Motherinlaw taught me how to fold socks so they are easier to put on and I never got that either.
I still do it my way lol

SandyCarlson said...

T-shirt origami. I love it!