Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Whose Your Moma? Demi Moore.. Move on Over.

Ivana Trump and Hunk.

Men Do It.

Single older Ladies Can Get Their Sugar Too.

Here is the rule.

"Once you get to a certain age, it has to stop being an issue. This is the rule I've heard: Halve the older persons age (30/2=15) then add seven (15+7=22) and that's the age difference you can have. So if you're 30, the youngest you can date is 22, but if you think about it, it's actually a pretty decent rule of thumb."

Hmm Life’s a Blast loll

A teenage granddaughter
comes downstairs for her date
with this see-through blouse on and no bra.
Her grandmother just pitched a fit,
telling her not to dare go out like that!
The teenager tells her!
'Loosen up Grams.
These are modern times.
You gotta let your rose buds show!'
and out she goes.
The next day the teenager comes down stairs,
and the grandmother is sitting there with no top on.
The teenager wants to die.
She explains to her grandmother
that she has friends coming over
and that it is just not appropriate....
The grandmother says,
'Loosen up,
If you can show off your rose buds,
then I can display my hanging baskets.

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Nessa said...

A very interesting rule. i will keep it in mind.

A Lady's Life said...

This is not for you Nessa. Naughty girl lol
This is for the single gals. lol
I find buying swimsuits on line to be better than in stores.
Better style selection,better sizing, better fits.

Anonymous said...

Glad us naughty boys don't have rules like that :) What a good looking woman see's in that older man is beyond me...money i suppose

A Lady's Life said...

Thom: Money, friendship,comfort,Daddy,love,even freedom,prestige,psychological boost etc.. Nice to have a younger person who loves you, take care of you when you get old.
We say "Love isn't a potato".It's an equivalent to the joke that says the ugliest monkey is beautiful in it's Mothers eyes. :)
And it's not all about sex.
In Russia after the war, there was a shortage of men, and women fought over legless, armless, blind etc... soldiers who came back alive.

I guess some men seek the same things in older women as young women seek in older men.
Personally I like the little bit older man or same age. But I am old fashioned. lol I like keeping what I have.

Anonymous said...

I suppose you are right...but I guess in our society it's just been engrained in me that it's only for money...when as you say there can be a real love. I just have never done that with any older person in my life. Family and Friends excluded of course :)

A Lady's Life said...

Thom: Many times it is about money but that applies to young people as well. They always choose some one because they family has money.
That is why stories like Love Story is truly special. Few people know true love and there is just no divorcing when you are lucky enough to have it.You work through your problems because you are united in your souls for life.