Thursday, June 25, 2009

Montreux Switzerland...c'est la belle vie

My dear cyber-friend Peter of Worldman , who is currently serving with the United Nation in Sri Lanka to help with the plight of so many refugees, is originally from Montreux Switzerland , as many of you will remember, he told us.
Recently my Cousin, who lives in England, had to go to Montreux for an important scientific conference on some research work he's engaged in.
As we exchange daily emails, him being in England and I in Canada, I asked him if by any chance he had taken any pictures whilst he was there. He emailed me the following 5 pictures which he captured with his cell phone and I thought...Oh might just make Peter happy if I posted these in his honor . So the next five pictures are compliments of my Cousin and the map above I just threw in so you can visualize where exactly Montreux is.
The view is just lovely even with what looks like dull weather. :)


Nessa said...

Ok, did I mess up or was it blogger. I left a comment. i did. i really did.

Maybe it wanted more words. All I said before was, "Gorgeous."

GMG said...

Hi Lady's! Montreux is a lovely place and the pictures of Lake Leman, even if with a cell phone, are quite nice! And it has the Jazz Festival, for the fun of Peter... Well deserved!!

Blogtrotter is showing some sights of the most northern capital city in the world. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures and how nice of you to honor are as sweet as pumpkin pie :)

Dr.John said...

Thanks. I read all of Peter's entries and it is nice to see the area he came from.
I'm sure he will be over joyed.

A Lady's Life said...

Nessa don't worry about it hahahahaha
GMG Nice to know what lake this is I didn't know
Thom well I pay attention and it is funny my cousin should go there for conferences Small world.
Dr John it does seem like a very lovely place.

Voegtli said...

Yes, Dr. John is right: I am over joyed, pleased and very tickled. Thank you very much.

Picture 2 shows the Montreux Palace Hotel. Looking straight further beyond the car, you would find the entrance to "Harry's New York Bar". I am not sure, but I think that besides New York, Paris and Montreux, there is no other location in the world with this bar.

Picture 3 is a view from the hotel overlooking the lake. The other side is France.

Picture 4 has been taken by your cousin when she walked along the shores. It is a few from the section of town where I live. Called Clarens.

I am honored, particularey as my beautiful town has been put in the limelight.

Silver said...

The view is spectacular! Looks like a place i wouldn't mind being in ;)

One Day at a Time

A Lady's Life said...

Thanks All.:)
Peter....when you talk to talk to the whole family hahahahahaha
I was also impressed when he told me he went there cause I could tell him I have a blogger friend out there lol