Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Felt Craft

I also had to try these.
I went to Walmart and got a few pieces of felt. They are like 25 cents a piece.
made my own pattern, cut it out and sewed these cool little new born shoes.

They also were so much fun to make and the fact they look like shoes,
make me feel I could become a shoe maker if I wanted to.
They can also be used on dolls and since
I am dying to make a Raggedy Anne
I most certainly can now make her a nice pair of shoes to match.
I finally got a new digital memory card so I can take a few shots download them and then erase the memory card.
This way I don't have to wait hours to download a few shots.

I have more projects I did for babies.
I am WAAAAY ahead as I think I better do them now before I go senile or something lol
I don't expect to have any grandchildren for a very long time. lol
but I treasure what my Grandmother gave me. She left her mark behind and I see her making it and it makes all the difference.

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Anonymous said...

Yesterday sweets and food today the common threads (pardon the pun) you use on a daily basis. Excellent tribute to your Grandmother :)