Thursday, June 11, 2009

Heaven is In Belgium = Idioms M and N

Heaven Is In Belgium:

Minding one's p's and q's

Meaning to be on ones best behavior

Nosy Parker == not minding one's own business.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful Idioms. I really enjoyed them and the pictures so go with them. Excellent :)

Nessa said...

Very good. Nosey parker is a new one. I've heard Nosey Nellie.

George said...

Great idioms with wonderful illustrations. Nosy Parker was also new to me.

Z said...

I grew up with nosy parker, no I don't mean literally... Or do I?

The homemade slingshot in the boy's pocket. I wonder how many kids in the West these days even know what it's for.

A Lady's Life said...

Both my boys had one. They make them so good today, you can use them with precision to even kill a bird in flight.
You can't use them anywhere because you could take some ones eye out or even kill someone if a rock hits the temple.
But to go to the lake or ocean , they are fun to see who can get a pebble further. If you get lost in the wilderness, knowing how to use one could provide you with food you would otherwise not be able to get by trapping.
I guess they are like a bow and arrow. Like anything else, they don't hurt any one on their own.
Its people who do the damage.:)