Saturday, June 13, 2009

Effeminate Man

I found these articles From Time and the Strength and Science Weekly interesting, as the debate on gay and straight continues.

Bye Bye Testicles

Testosterone is getting lower and the mainstream media is noticing!
By: Marc Lobliner

Although I am always pretty busy, I try to keep up on what is going on in the world. When I have finished perusing and other websites while unwinding at night, I occasionally visit to see a completely different perspective. I was shocked when I saw this headline smack dab on the site:
“Men's testosterone levels declined in last 20 years”
As a natural bodybuilder doing everything possible to keep my boys swimming (if ya’ know what I’m sayin’), this made my two less than perfect, glasses-framed eyes head straight for the article. It also made me, in a round-about, Lobliner-like way, take an in-depth look at society and what the heck is going on with our men.

I look around and it is as if men are not the men they used to be. Gone are the days of the “Macho Man”. We have killed him and replaced him with “Sensitive Man” or “Fat Man”. That’s right, I said it. Men, from what I see, are losing respect for themselves and their appearance. There no longer seems to be that “Strong Survive” mentality that I used to see. We have become feminized.
While environmental exposure is hypothesized to be causing some of the “1 percent a year” drop, the article also states, “They hypothesized that the rising prevalence of obesity as well as the sharp decline in cigarette smoking might help explain their findings, given that testosterone levels are lower among overweight people and smoking increases testosterone levels.” This led me to the chicken and the egg approach to thinking.
Are we turning into girly-men (thanks Arnold!) due to the drop in testosterone or is our plight to become a non-sexist, conformist nation driving a male’s natural response to well, being manly, into the dumpster thus lowering testosterone levels? Could this drop in T be an evolutionary response to the end of the man as we were defined?

Male Anatomy

Now I’ll admit, I am married and even have a daughter whom I play dress up with. My wife runs the household, manages finances, has an equal say in everything we do. Heck, she is the glue that keeps us all from falling apart. But what makes me different? Why do I think I am still a man?

Part of being a man is being someone who works hard at whatever it is he decides to do and the one word that best describes what a man is in my opinion is PRIDE. Think about it. You can tell when you have met a man who takes pride in what they do. And when you are a man who also happens to be a Physique Enthusiast or Bodybuilder, you can tell that they take pride in how they look and from my management experience, which also carried over into what they do outside of the gym. They take pride in all that they do!

The bottom line is that men are acting like wimps. Grab hold of yourself, slap yourself in the face, and take some pride in what you do! Take an hour out of the day to train, keep the estrogen and health-problem causing abdominal fat off and take pride in all that you do. If low testosterone is an epidemic, we need to find the treatment right way. This is a good place to start.



Anonymous said... gross...!
Yuk..I gonna puke
I like girls only
Carla M

A Lady's Life said...

Life is nature and all nature is beautiful :)
Judging from the articles on brains an effeminate man can find a masculine woman and a masculine woman can find an effeminate man to nurture their emotional psychological needs.
Today they base love on sex but love is not just about sex. Sex is but a small part of the whole picture.Therefore.....
the gay argument leaves many holes.
What would happen if a person could not have sex?
Where would the love be?
The article asks what hormones change in a man once the hunter and fighter instinct is killed in him and what hormones are affected in women once they get a taste of the hunter and fighter instinct?
Maybe the future will be a society
bereft of sexuality.The organs will be like an appendix. Something we have but not used.
Very interesting.

Anonymous said...

I could give a rats ass about how much testosterone is in anyone. Love is love regardless of who we are and how we are made up. Sex to me doesn't mean love. It's secondary. It's the heart and soul of the person that makes you love yourself and others and vice versa

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

I think Robbie Burns said it best

A Man's A Man For A' That

Who really cares if they are John Wayne or Pee Wee Herman. We are all God's Children,

He will deal with things

Dr.John said...

To think it all started when men stopped smoking.

A Lady's Life said...

I agree Thom.
There are different types of love.

OF John Wayne wasn't gay and Pee Wee
Herman ,wasn't he a pedophile?
Which brings in another form of brain lol

What these articles are saying is that depending on what or how our brains are affected, these can make you into the person you are with the feelings you may have.
For example in Arab countries, women are considered dirty compared to men. and yet men still have sex with them.They have 10-12 20 wives depending on what they can afford and use them for breeding as they do horses. How would they involve the heart and soul with 20 different women?

George said...

I found this to be absolutely fascinating.

bluedreamer27 said...

hmmm this is interesting
Sad to say even Conservative countries also affected
though this is not a simple issue
we should also give prior into this

bluedreamer27 said...

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Fireblossom said...

I'll reserve comment about testosterone poisoning except to say that I'm glad I don't suffer from it. ;-)

The brain charts are hysterical.

What does the title of your blog mean?

A Lady's Life said...

They were saying a lot of men have less testosterone They are less macho. Meaning life has changed. Women are doing mens jobs and men
are doing womens jobs and this affects mens' hormones etc.... Men are becoming like women So Men are saying to other men we have to toughen up and be men again. I used the word effeminate to describe this change.
This may also be the reason why we have so many gay people today, that... and the food we eat, the environment.
We notice people are more sensitive than they used to be in the past.etc.... Some changes are
welcome and others are troublesome because the more people depend on other people to fix their problems, the worse it's going to get. I personally don't like government control and I feel people need to find strength somewhere, within themselves, to resolve their own problems.It builds character and makes them stronger people.:)

A Lady's Life said...

Thom: testosterone plays a big role in marriages. Many break up because there isn't the sexual drive from a man a woman expects. Many women complain when a man is too sexual and then there is the other complaint when they are not. lol
I have one marriage I know broke up in mind, over this issue.

Nessa said...

Pee Wee Herman wasn't a pedophile. He just getting caught at porno movies.

A Lady's Life said...

Oh Nessa.
Pee Wee Herman was a cult, kids followed.
He ran a childrens show Pee Wees Playhouse.
He was caught masterbating in a public movie house I understand and his house was searched by the police and child porno was found at his home.
Now dealing with children as an entertainer, what would his reasoning be, to entertain children or himself, with this sort of stuff he claimed he needed for that purpose.
And why did he wait so long to fight if it wasn;'t true? This happened in 1990.Was he stopped in time? Was his next move to get a child? Sexual predators are very intelligent.
In Minnesota, the Democratic Party had a platform against discrimination based on a number of things ...including sexual or "affectional" orientation or "age"
which included pedophilia , sadism, zoophiles -having sex with animals, pederasts-men having anal sex with boys, coprophiles- getting aroused by feces,necrophiles -having sex with corpses etc..
I mean... seems everything is ok now and no one has any rights to say no, especially when their child is hurt physically, mentally or both.
I think this would be disturbing to most people.
I know it is very disturbing to me especially when we find children in body bags.After this bill is passed, parents won't be able to say anything.