Tuesday, June 16, 2009

That's Entertainment.....

Thoughts To Ponder 3

Now if Angelina Jolie can’t hold onto her man with all her lips,

money and fame, then what chance do the rest of us have?

Where is Angelina going wrong?

What do men want in family life?

Why do people marry or live together?

Is it right to steal a man away from a Greek Lady?

Greeks are Orthodox and Orthodoxy usually does not promote divorce.

Once married… divorce or no divorce, in the eyes of God,

you are married till death do you part.

Does Jolie know this? Does Brad?

Does Angelina care? Does Brad?

And why is Aniston having such a difficult time finding a replacement for her ex?

Why didn’t she do what Angelina did, make babies and then say go where you want, do what you want? I’m an actress.

Very peculiar.

Will Brad come home to where he belongs or is he snared,

caged by a widow (divorcee) spider, who will eventually bite his head off

after she is done breeding with him.(apparently she isn’t).

Does Angelina hate Aniston and is waiting to let Brad go after Aniston’s biological clock stops ticking?

Who is the bad guy, Angelina for making babies without a husband or Brad for making babies without a wife?

Angelina would make a great story on Adam and Eve except for the fact there was another woman playing Eve, who isn’t the snake in this story.

Maybe the Adam and Eve story changes now with the snake being Angelina in disguise, who whispers to gullible Eve:

“Take a bite”, to confuse everything and have God throw them out of Eden so she could have her way with Brad.

That’s a very smart and will full snake to ruffle God’s feathers this way.

The Saga continues, as it did with Diana.

Who will be the victor? Hmmmm.

I think the world would like to know the ending to this story.

Will it have a happy ending?

Will it be a Who Dun It, Paparazzi story?

Many young girls admire Angelina and are using her as a role model.

Is she really?

What does this say for and about men or even about women?

Isn’t it funny how all of these questions are about attacking the status quo?

If we had no status quo, the media would have nothing to run with.lol

The status quo is the “Right” and “Wrong” ways of doing things.

The right way is supposed to make people happy but Angelina is doing everything the wrong way and continues to do so… so the question…. Is she happy?

Is she making people around her happy?

The Media is running with it, not caring about what it does to the

young people reading their stuff.

Most will not have the money, looks, fame and ingenuity Angelina does.

Most will not be able to get away with the story lines and the fables

this woman is spinning to her audience for money,

without movies.lol

That Folks …..is Entertainment.:)


Vicky said...

I couldn't possibly begin to think I know what is going on with Brad and Angie and Jen. I do happen to think that Angie simply came into Brad's life at a time when he was in a vulnerable spot in his marriage with Jen... a part of me thinks he still cares for Jen... but I don't think he'll leave Angie and I don't think if he did he'd go back to Jen :) But thats just me!!! Who knows how far from the truth the media spins their stories?

Nessa said...

Quite frankly, I don't care what they do. As far as I am concerned, I really do not know what is going on in their lives. I imagine very little of what we are shown is real. I taught my daughter that these people are not real and their lives should not be compared to hers. I have enough to do worrying about my own behavior and that of those close to me.

A Lady's Life said...

Morning! :)
These three have replaced Diana on the front pages and I can't help but feel when the media does this, some tragedy is going to happen. I am sure most of what they are saying is not real but the kids reading, think it is.
I thought Brad replaced my personal sweet heart, Robert Redford.He wears his hair the same way,has the same jaw bone and lips and even the smile is similar. The eyes though are different.Redford had more clear, open, wider eyes and he used them differently than Brad does.Didn't squint as much like Clint Eastwood.
I loved his movies. Sorry he got old so fast lolMaybe he will make another while he still can????
I also don't think Brad can leave Angie with so many children and another yet another on the way I hear.The pace of life needs to slow down of course. You can't lug kids around like baggage. They need stability.
Have a wonderful day Nessa and Vicky:)

Anonymous said...

These happen to be 3 people that I could care less about. I don't see what all the bru ha ha is over "Lips" I have never cared for any of them actually. It's entertainment all right - right for the comic book side

Marie Reed said...

When I look at the top image all I can think is.... Jen and Brad really looked so perfect and darling together! It's really a shame how quickly people turn to divorce when push comes to shove.. I'm actually divorced too but regret that I wasn't mature or wise enough to work it out at the time:)

Akelamalu said...

You know what? I really don't care. Celebrities don't live real lives - everything is acted out on the stage of Media. I do feel sorry for the children though. :(

George said...

I have no idea what will happen. I don't really care, but I am intrigued by the number of people who seem to care. It must be wonderful to have nothing else to worry about.

A Lady's Life said...

Akelamalu: Exactly. I always worry about the children.

Marie Reed: I also feel they make it too easy to divorce. Before they used to try to make people stay together and now they say, rather than risk home violence, best to separate. But people who love each other have to grow together and given a chance most things work out with time.

George: I read on MSN that young girls are using Angie as a role model and personally I find her to be a very poor role model.

Thom: Yup a cheap way to make money without movies.:)

Voegtli said...

Your writing about this makes me think. But then I am a simple man. If I were Brad, I would do everything to keep and cherish Angelina. But then, I am called Peter and my wife is not called Angelina. But I cherish her. My wife.

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

Like Thom I don't give two hoots about these three and the news they are in. I cannot get into the Hollywood Trash that is peddled as news. Oh well that is just my opinion.


A Lady's Life said...

I agree OF

Peter lol I guess the man is stuck now. You know what they say. Be careful what you wish for.lol
If I was him I would never have left my true wife.He would have had a nice life instead of living in a circus.

Gattina said...

It will end with Angie being a nice grandma and Brad a nice grandpa living happily together, while Jennifer can continue her health and diet program and do meditating and mental treatments until she is a dried shrinked single !
she had a youth concert interrupted and cancelled in Belgium because the music was disturbing her majesty while she was meditating in her hotel room !!

A Lady's Life said...

no kiddin Gattina lol
That's power.
Can you imagine an actress being able to do that??
Unbelievable. lol
Just imagine what they would have done if Angelina was there.
Probably evacuated the city lol

What was Aniston doing there?

Well you have to admit in that milieu its hard to find a good man.

She thought the single scene was over and now has to start all over again. Its not easy especially when you love your husband.

In her place I would move on and not waste my time. This Onegyn isn't worth taking back.