Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ginsing Tea Power

Our store puts products on discount shelves to get rid of them for half price.
I love to get mushrooms a this time and now I am paying attention to Ginsing.
I got a whole package of cuttings for next to nothing and knowing me that I will forget to use it,I decided to do the right thing as soon as I got home.

After unloading my groceries into the fridge and cup boards I immediately sat down to peel and slice the ginsing roots and put them into a small jar with olive oil and cider vinegar.
This will keep them for meals to give the extra oomph for an otherwise boring meal.
With the left overs, I take as needed to make a pot of ginsing tea. I peel them and boil them with a teabag and honey and this is great for the man with a chest cold, which my son seems to have caught.
I find this method to be much better than buying the store bought ginsing tea.
Yesterday I made my son a cup and today my husband got the urge to try some himself as he heard how tasty it was. lol
Being anorexic looking himself, he could use some for sure.
Right now I pity the poor bee and keep thinking that I should make a hot house just for flowers and bees and make sure I keep these little guys safe and working towards a better good.

The boiling ginsing smells so good from the pot right now that I think even I will have a cup once I think it got all the flavor out of the root.
Sure beats drinking coffee.

The family sat watching Japan vs USA girls soccer.
We were rooting for the US of course but Japan was the favorite to win and win they did in shoot outs after a most interesting game . They made Japan proud today and will come home with much needed good cheer.
Well done girls.

The weather Saturday was rainy and dull. I don't like it but considering the fact Ontarios' forests are ablaze from the dry hot weather I think we are lucky it's wet and cloudy to keep the bad sun rays away. 17C is not 29C. lol

Hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday
Have a good one.


SandyCarlson said...

That looks wonderful. Bring it on!

Gattina said...

Now you are in ginsing tea and I try to find out to make my Turkish apple tea ! I should do the same like you just peel apples and boil them with a teabag and then extract the liquid ? I am not so sure of the result so I think I will look for a Turkish shop in Brussels, we have quiet a lot of Turkish imigrants living here !

A Lady's Life said...

The tea was wonderful and strong and the ginsing in the jar is tasty .
It sure beats what you buy in the store.

A Lady's Life said...

Gattina - I tried it. I used chopped apples cinnamon and honey and it turned out super.
Cinnamon and honey are anti bacterial so it is very healthy for you. And we all know what they say about an apple a day lol