Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Garden for Another

This is a nice garden song.
Today i can sit and enjoy it but my husband caught something at the hospital and is very sick.
He has a very bad cold and who gets them this time of year?
So between he and I we make a swell couple.

So no garden for us thats for sure lol

I slept through most of yesterday. The pills are strong and keep away the pain.Today I need
less of them.

My husband was up and about more than yesterday.
but he will also need another day or so sick leave.
At least we are sick now together .
More things to share lol
He made us a nice spaghetti sauce and I helped myself to a bowl but my little dog jumped up.
She was hungry so I let her eat it and then made myself another bowl.
She has her portion in her bowl but she wants to share mine instead lol
Precious little girl.
Nothing much more to say or do
Just rest.
I can't even knit now lol



George said...

I'm glad you and your husband are both on the mend. I hope you both are feeling better very soon.

A Lady's Life said...

george - I don't know.
I try not to take many pills but then when I feel the arm swelling I take one anti inflamatory and it makes me drowsy and woozy. So not to be in bed all the time I find myself snoozing sitting up.

My husband is still coughing, with a heavy head ache.These colds are becoming fancy,I myself woke up with a sore throat and a slight head ache.
It's like as usual I am hanging on.
I put in chicken legs to bake
then the boys can add some rice to it lol
Not fun being one handed.
thanks for dropping by;)

Rick Watson said...

My wife and I had the flu together a few years ago.
This was a sad household for a while.
Glad y'all are feeling better.