Saturday, July 9, 2011

Soccer Royalty

David Beckham Reveals Victoria's New Baby Will Be

Speaking of Royalty even they have problems putting their children into Posh English schools .
This soccer family was said to be too working class. So in the end were they allowed to register?

And if David Beckham was a Muslim would the kids, especially if they were girls, ignore the school uniform and the not wearing of head covers ?
I guess it would not be a mere question of passing an entrance exam here.

This is interesting to know the answer to and if the school could refuse a Muslim entrance to its' school and refuse the uniform changes forced upon it by a Muslim religion, then why can Fifa not refuse, and
Christian Churches etc...not refuse to changes forced upon them?

There is supposed to be, I am told, lol, a separation of church and state.

Uniforms and especially motorcycle helmets rules should be equal or else it defeats the purpose of making these laws and rules.

However women liberation groups used the same kind of pressure to enter tavern establishments to promote Womans' Rights as equal to men.
Women and men are equated to being a human species.
In this case it was a good thing because taverns promoted hidden alcoholism and women could be alcoholics as equally as men could and with gender mixing such as with gay people.....
well...... it gets complicated. lol

Religion is a personal private thing you do at home and yet here we are being forced to change our ways because it offends someone but we are not protected against our offense to other peoples beliefs.
How does this work?
We really need to make changes in our laws so they are clearer in meaning.

Whats good for one, should be good for another.

When William becomes King and Knights David Beckham, as the Queen did Elton John, Sean Connery and Mr Black, will their kids then be posh enough for their posh schools, even in burkas?
Funny all this........ isn't it?

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