Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Well this song hits home especially today.Yesterday I was working as usual Picking up the branches of tree cuttings. I was hoping to feed them to a small fire.
As chance would have it I slipped on the mud.
We have cement walk way and then about a two foot muddy embankment raised by wood ties.
I slipped right there and fell on my shoulder and arm and broke my wrist on the cement .I knew cause it cracked. The pain and shock that followed showed me how delicate I have become.
My son heard the screams and came running then my husband.
I tried to change a bit before we charged out to emergency.
It took the rest of the day to fix me at the Surrey Memorial, which I have to admit was a very
hard working group of dedicated men and women.

They did things different than before .After xrays showed I did darn good job on my wrist they gave me an IV which I guess put me into a light sleep.My husband and son said I was talking and screaming but when I came to I remembered nothing. Apparently I said something which made the doctors laugh. Who knows what I was talking about lol My boys both cringed watching me suffer.
My blood pressure sky rocketed. The arm ached badly coming home.
Now I have to go to the doctor every week to make sure it is setting right, bummer
The morphine and other pills they gave me were strong and I needed them but right now it feels a lot better . Thank God .

Next to me was on old man who came in with a bad heart. He was dying and his son was sitting beside him waiting I guess since there was a no revival order for him.

The nurse said the day before they had 30 kids come in with boo boos and today me lol

The way I fell I was lucky not to have banged my head or broken my neck.

One split second and your world changes forever.
I am always afraid of this hill of mine.Its not for older people especially when wet.
It was just a question of time and the time came. lol
After all this today my husband seems to have picked up a very bad sore throat from the hospital
So he too is out of commission.
When they asked me if I was ever at that hospital before, I told them no.I don't like doctors or hospitals. You come in with one problem and go home with 100 more lol

Well I better not push it and go rest before the wrist begins to act up AGAIN.

Hope everyone else had a better week end. lol

hugs to all


Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

We were so very sorry to read of your fall and broken wrist. How very alarming it all sounds to have been and, as always, such things give one a terrible shock. We do hope that by now you are, at the very least, feeling a little more yourself and we trust that your husband's sore throat will not develop into anything.

Have a good week, as far as is possible.

George said...

I'm sorry to hear about your accident. I expect a broken wrist will keep from working in the yard for a while. Take it easy.

Maude Lynn said...

Oh, no! I'm sorry about your wrist, but I'm glad it wasn't your head!

A Lady's Life said...

thanks guys
I too am glad it wasn't my head .
The pills are keeping me sleepy so i don't move my arm I guess but having my husband so sick beside me is not helping me lol
I hope he doesn't add his cold to my arm problem.