Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Chelsea Lately ... not to be reckoned with

My husband's favorite hobby "passe temp favorie" of late is to watch the Chelsea Lately nightly show, with her co host Chewy...
This of course much to my chagrin, since I find her offensive in many ways...until the other night.

I decided to curl up next to hubby on the couch and watch to see what he found so fascinating about this lady, who hails from friendly NJ..

Needless to say my ear drums burnt at the vocabulary and language being used during the show...

My Dad, God bless his soul, would have turned in his grave had he known what his daugther was watching and listening to and yes...laughing at the jokes...

He would surely say to me:
Boy have times changed lol . His type of girl was of the Maureen OHare type.
I used to like his taste in women.

But I could see him sitting and watching Chelsea, as he did Johnny Carson.

When I was little I could hear him and my Mom giggling watching him.
In those days Play boy was a very hush hush magazine, you bought for the jokes
and of course the articles. lol (not the pictures ) and they never showed their parents this magazine even as grown ups. lol

I must admit however, that the Chelsea show was funny, in an odd sort of way... and the double meanings "ententes" become more subtle if not anticipated,
as you watch her perform this 30 minutes...linguistically, semi pornographic
commedy act.

Enjoy the show....


Baron's Life said...

My Dear Lady...what a wonderful post...I have enjoyed the read tremedously for you have transported me through history...how it used to be and sadly or gladly how it is now...nothing set in stone...the world changes and we must adapt...thank you for such an entertaining review....watch waht you watch

A Lady's Life said...

Thanks Baron =Long time no see :)

Gattina said...

I certainly join your father's taste, this girl has an awful voice it's as if she would talk through a metal watering pot !
and I can't stand Jennifer Allison (and I am not the only one), since she spent a night in a little village in Belgium where the annual village fest took place and as it was too loud for her delicate ears she had called the police to have the fest stopped because it disturbed her Yoga meditation or whatever. Fortunately they send her to hell. She could have moved to another place in the desert !

A Lady's Life said...

gattina lol
I think Jennifer Anniston changed a lot since the Brad Pitt days.
She used to be so sweet and now has become a very tough woman like Chelsey. They are survivors. Both women were probably hurt by men and now they use them as they have been used. Tragic. To have all this money and no love.Then these magazines don't help at all.
There is nothing like true love between two people. When you find it, you have to treasure and keep it.

George said...

I haven't seen the Chelsea Lately show. I'll show my age by saying that there is no host as good as Johnny Carson was.

A Lady's Life said...

George - you are not missing much
It just makes you hope they are only doing it for the show and are different at home but then this show they do benefits them financially while destroying women and men who believe what they say and do on it.
This is the tragedy of it all.
I tell my son most of what you see on TV is a lie.
You can't live life this way and expect it to be good. Just think of Chere - a mother figure, calling a babies like Brittany Spears, bitches. How do these young people compare to this woman?
She is comparing peach blossoms to old prunes and expects competition. She should endorse them and say good job girls.
Dolly Parton has no children and even she knows better
So yes Life has changed a lot.

Anji said...

Both of those were new to me. i enjoyed them. It's strange to see them smoking and drinking (alcohol?) in front of the camera.

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A Lady's Life said...

Anji - many people today do not like the programs they see on tv. They keep going back to the nice programs we used to have. Like the Friendly Giant who read stories and talked to a giraffe and kept kids comfortable and calm.
Today everything is hyper and fast and the result is seen in our childrens behavior.Adults used to have respect for people around them and didn't use bad language. Today they push it every where.
You could watch a movie and it is based on just one word, The f.. word.So you watch and then change channel.