Tuesday, December 7, 2010

As God Is My Witness!!

When I watch Gone With the Wind, I am always left with the image of a beautiful young woman who lost everything in war, except her beloved Tara.
Angry and Hungry she raises her fist up to God and tells him, I want more!!
I will never go hungry again!! I want better.

And believing that life is about getting and being better, man always looks up into the horizon and the sky and the stars. He wants to know and see beyond.

Man is in awe of the beyond because it all seems to fit in such perfection.
And yet..... out there, in the beyond, is a battle .. a constant battle between things which have no feelings or senses to speak of.

But here on earth, being human, I always thought, if only man understood.

If only man wanted perfection and did more to obtain it through learning, we could actually obtain it one day.
And so I spent my life fighting for perfection............ "Fighting".

The more I fought, the more the world fought back saying... There is no such thing.

I say, when A man looks up into the sky, he is searching for answers.
So he is looking to get something better than what is.He is sent to school to learn.
Man gets angry at God and says there must be more!
This can't be all that there is!

And God answers...... there is a lot more
and you can see it through my eyes.

But man cannot see because he does not understand what God means by that.
So he rejects him, curses him,fights with him, and blames him.

Mankind is not worthy. Man is constantly fighting, arguing, getting mad.
He is never happy.

So how can he meet with God? How can he see God? How can he know what perfection is?

In God's world there is no fighting. In God's world, celestial battles do not take place.
It is a void, a place where nothing happens, where man could see and understand what utter peace is.

When I think of it, my polluted mind would explode from jumping from non perfection to absolute perfection.So when a person finally dies, we say... he is finally at peace. No more wars, no more fighting, no more arguments, no more pain.
Finally all the questions will be answered as his/her soul rises and God will then explain all that there is to explain.

When my child was born, I counted all the fingers and toes. I looked into it's eyes and saw intelligence and a smile.
Both my boys had me at their first .... agoo.

In my heart and soul, I knew and rejoiced in that each, at the time, was perfect.
Another Mother obtains an imperfect child but in her eyes, her child is her blood and soul
and in her mind, it is perfect and she will spend her whole life fighting, to keep it fighting,
to be perfect.

And to this day I fight with my sons telling them, I made you, created you... perfect.
So don't imperfect yourself and let me down. lol

But people grow and are thrust into a life they are not ready for and they become imperfect and thus imperfections become the status quo.
Imperfection is.......... what is today.

But perfection is never lost. Man has not stopped fighting.
Man still wants it and is still fighting for it, so the belief in its' existence still lives.
There in lies hope.

Man still gets mad at God and shows him his fist and cries out into the sky. There must be more!!
There is a great thirst for more.

And God in turn smiles down because he knows man is not quenched, because he does not understand.

In the end, there is more but there are no winners.

In the end, there will be only one.
Even right now, this minute, there is only one and tomorrow there will only be one as yesterday, there was only one.

And as man experiences the knowledge of an expanding universe, scientists tell us that maybe one day it will all break apart and we will all die.

All this fighting we are doing, is all for nothing.

There is no where to run.
There is no where to hide. There is nothing to prove.
The future is already written and no amount of money or prayers or head banging,or wars, is going to change anything. It is, what it is and will be.

That is the pure truth to it all and the true perfection.
Existence and life is not about chaos.
Mankind cannot learn himself to save a species because it's just too big
and too overwhelming to change anything that was already
planned and willed by God.

In God's hands we will rise again.
From one, there can be many.

Also from one, there can be none.
As a Mother decides when she will have her child, so does God.

As a humble person, a man can find love, health, peace.
Through kindness and sharing he can have wealth, health, joy.
Through learning he can obtain understanding, entertainment and laughter.

but from fighting, there is only death,
before ones' time to die.

So why is man born with 7 senses and a brain to think with? Why is he not born like a mineral which does not need to eat, sleep, drink, feel pain and suffering and think?

Man was born to understand, that there is more and a better way, a simpler way and all he needs to do, is see it through God's eyes and relax.

And God will witness it all, as he always does,
because we are all one with him.

There is no escaping God.
We are all at his mercy and all understanding that we have life because of his will
and his will alone.


George said...

Thank you for a very thoughtful and thought-provoking post.

A Lady's Life said...

George the more I see and hear the more I think what we were taught through the words of God is true.
This planet survives only because of God's mercy. It's so easy to kill, to lie and steal. It's so easy to torture and judge.We all have the power to do this on a larger or smaller scale.
What is not so easy, is to be merciful, kind, truthful,patient, understanding.You are at other people's mercy and they do not understand what you do.
This is why the world suffers.
We made Mother Teresa a Saint but if we were all like her... I wonder what this world would be like?

SandyCarlson said...

It seems we easily forget we do not have the whole picture but a part of it. Elusive humility!

A Lady's Life said...

So true Sandy.:)