Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Little Ruffneck

I love walking on the beach collecting rocks.
I come home and sort them and try to see what pictures
I can see in them.
It's amazing sometimes what you can find in them.

In this little rock, I used the left hand side.
It looks perfect as a tree trunk with the stripes it has on it.
All it Needed was a little Ruff Neck to hide beside it.
So I drew him and now he is drying. It'll take a week or so
but then I can finish him.

I included a ruler just to give you a birds eye view as to how
large this little rock is.

These are fun projects.
Some stones can stand on their own.
Some you can glue magnets to or felt.
Some you can even make jewelry out of or just collect them in a
vase or jar and enjoy them when you want to.
They of course all have to be spray varnished.

Another thing a woman used to do. She'd collect round rocks and cement them into
a wooden frame but those were plain rocks. These painted ones would look great if a collection was put into a wooden frame and set in clear varnish or plaster or even stuck onto a designer jewelry box, individually.
I think if they were all painted like this and collaged into a sort of stepping stone,
one could display it beautifully on a living room table, with a felt backing.

It's your own personal work of art where you can capture your life's history.

Well it's another sunny day. Time to Enjoy!
Hope you have a good one.


Jen said...

Those would look great in a garden.

Gattina said...

How cute ! You know what I do ? I look at the form of pebbles and then I transform them into cats. I paint the face the body paws and tail and at the end the stone is not a stone anymore but a little cat. I did it a lot in the past and even sold them.

A Lady's Life said...

Thanks Jen :) I don;t think they would withstand the rain though.
It's better for the indoors :)

A Lady's Life said...


I like to have the rock talk to me.
Like tonight I saw a picture in the rock of a cat. It could also have been a Pekanese. Anyway I painted it and I will blog it now because, you will not believe me but following the lines in the rock, this is what I got.