Sunday, October 3, 2010

Old but New.

This was my very first attempt at sweater making.
It is a size 10/12. I made for my first son who is thirty now.
My second son also wore it a few times.

By now its quite old. At least 20 years old.
I washed it only once and now its waiting to be worn
again by another family member.
I remember going, to what was then, The Hudson's Bay Co
and found one like it selling for 125.00
To be sure..... I flipped. But I figured out it goes by
how many colors you put into it.

Today the Bay sells pure wool sweaters for 25 dollars
so it isn't even worth going through the trouble of making them.
To buy thread alone is too expensive and then to do the work
but for those special gifts, where a person's hand made item is
valued, it certainly is worth the trouble.

Also you can change colors and create designs special to the person it is meant for.


Gattina said...

You washed the sweater only one time in 20 years ?? That's quiet a record, lol ! My mother used to knit all kind of stuff for me and I hated it because the wool itched, so I have something against self knitted things it's psychological, lol !
And it's true sweaters are so cheap now that buying wool is a luxury !

A Lady's Life said...

Gattina - It was never worn Only a few times for Christmas.The rest of the time it was stored away.
So I figured when I came across it,it needed washing lol
Both my boys treasure it and it looks so nice on them.I still have my Grammas things she made and I treasure them. Its all family history.