Friday, October 22, 2010

Cinnamon Warrior.

This warrior was made in Singapore. Its is nothing but wood and water.
The joss stick companies take saw dust from wild cinnamon wood,
add water to it to make a dough. This dough they knead and then roll out into
thin sheets. They they use it to make so many different things.
This art has been a family secret for years but since it's a dying art, the family
wanted the world to know how it's done.
When you go to this shop, you can ask them to make anything you want and they do it for you.
I have a set of warriors and a few other things that are still packed away.
The Singapore American School took all its students to see this done and each kid got a bag of sawdust to take home to try out. What fun. :)

The True Hunter

Dancing Cossacks flirt

With death on the horizon

Their hefty steeds stand breathing

Through flaring nostrils

Their wild eyes see the swords flash in the light

Of a crackling raging fire which

Sends sparks into the whistling wind

Flying out into the darkness.

Across the field another group

Sits hungry eyed and lean.

All dressed in black, they hide in

Mountain caverns, cold and clean.

There is no fire, no mirth, or sadness,

Just determination, to win the battle.

Close at hand, against trespassers of nations.

The lone wolf stalks the grassy turf with

Pangs of hunger eating at his gut

The nervous steeds lift their feet and whinny at his scent

The Cossacks search the midnight air

In hopes to find what ails them.

They do not see the lonely wolf,

Hidden in the grasses.

The Black eyed groups sat in caverns,

Well hidden and discreet,

Impatient for the break of day

There would be no retreat.

The smell of blood was in the air but one could not determine

Who be the hunter and who the prey.

Tomorrow had the answer.

At dawn, the soaring Eagle’s cry,

Awoke the hunting parties

Both sides rode to meet the fate

Destiny had written.

They fought a gallant battle.

They died a gallant death.

Just causes were united, in

Dirty bloody fields.

The lone wolf was the winner. Had trophies all around

He howled into the cold wind to call his friends to come

For here they would have plenty, to feast on and to share.

Thanks to these just causes, which brought this prey here.

True hunters hide in grasses, they prey upon the weak

True hunters are the watchers, hidden and discreet.

A Lady's Life

One may buy a house ....but not a home
One may buy a watch.......but not time
One may buy a book......but not knowledge
One may buy a position .......but not respect
One may buy a doctor ....but not health
One may buy a soul .....but not a life
One may buy sex ......but not love.

Some things money can't buy.

Have a great day!

Besa me mucho - Tony Lovello


A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Good morning Beautiful Woman of God.
Very interesting art. I'd love to have been one of the kids. I'd try to make a butterfly of course.

Love that money can't buy those things.

Money is not our source of happiness and once we get that, we truly start living peacefully.

Love for a great week!
Free Spirit

A Lady's Life said...

Thanks Butterfly.
I think God needs a boost today.
I mean his words do not teach bad things. At least they are not supposed to so every child need to be raised by the good word.
and be taught to watch out for false prophets.
Anyone promoting bad things, that is.
Sometimes we don't have a choice.
I guess our soldiers can be compared to the Archangel Michael.
Fighting to redeem men.Free them so they can grow to understand rather than to be forced to do things without understanding.
God saw man's need to understand and so he is letting him try.