Thursday, October 7, 2010

Balance and Hope.

Try how I might, I could not get a good shot of this rock because of the glare.It just would not give it to me, outdoors or indoors.(Any Ideas other than a better camera??lol)
You can try clicking on the photo to get a bigger view.

Still , I got a post card out of it.The story this rock tells is this.

There is a wall.On one side there is a King thinking. Above him, his thoughts are of dying.

On the other side lurks evil and evil can be seen biting its' thumb or pointing at the person looking at it, saying I want you. (sorta like Uncle Sam).

In the middle between the King and Evil is an eye set in the dividing wall.

The rock continues to tell the story It has a nice cat challenging a bad cat.
It has a Husky that is wide awake and keeping watch over the King.
It has a sleeping puppy in between the good and evil side.

It has and evil man lurking over a sleeping Golden Retriever.

In front of the king is a worried woman, looking at Evil, wanting to protect her King.

On the Evil side there is a woman whispering into evils' ear.

Then there is Man (on the good side ) representing you and me today, also looking at evil confused, as if to say:


Not fully understanding .... what the problem is. Then if you keep looking the man is smiling at evil as if to say ...ya ...right.

Evil itself does not seem to understand. It wants to be good and is also worried because it doesn't understand why it isn't. Why it has so many objecting to him and why he is chased and needs to hide in the shadows?

Behind evils' ear is a laughing clown face. Behind the King, a naked woman, lying face down weeping.

This is like something from someones dream.
I wish I could get a better picture.This rock is like a Picasso.

According to the rock, Good is winning. Yea!!!