Sunday, October 10, 2010

Chagall's Inspiration

This painting I was inspired to paint from, I believe, one of Marc Chagall ' s paintings .
I tried to find it and could not. So I hope it is Chagall.
I have some things to finish on it and then it too will be ready to hang on the wall.

In the mean time This Chinese Swan Lake is very nice to look at and to listen to
Enjoy :)


Maude Lynn said...

Lovely painting!

George said...

I really like your painting! I also enjoyed the video. Thanks for sharing both.

A Lady's Life said...

Thanks Guys cause I am getting excited that some things will finally be finished and ready to frame.
You asked to see what I do and I can't really show you cause nothing is finished lol

Even the eggs are waiting to have the clips put on so they can be hanged.
People throw A lot of things away but if they find things to frame I think this is all history.

One artist used some of his old things and hung them on a board, which he painted and sold his work to restaurants. They are only too happy to have things like this on their walls.Its so original and as long as the restaurant survives so will his work and it will continue to become more valuable with time.