Saturday, August 30, 2014

Cry Me A Rainbow with Dane Cook

This man is funny I love his comedy.

Today my son Duke got a bigger aquarium to swim in
The pebbles are the same color as his fins so he looks great in there.

My daughter Bella saw him swimming in there.
I don't think she saw him before and today in the bigger tank
she did and boy all heck broke
We could not stop her .

I never knew a tiny fish could be so threatening.

My older daughter Tanya sees Bella being so affectionate
and finally realized:" Hey! I can do that too." lol
So she began to be pesty sleeping as close as she can
by your body.

Bella had her teeth brushed today At first she didn't like it
but she let me do them after a few kisses and inspiring

Kids are funny. Even animals.

When they are little, they need you and when they grow up and know 
you become public enemy number one until they step into a bear trap,
and then there is no place like



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