Thursday, August 21, 2014

Balancing Destruction From the Inside Out.

Dr. Nicholas Andrew Cummings explains in great detail how gay activist got into control of American psychology in the 1970's and manipulated it from then on for political gain, making sure that being gay was never actually studied and thereby no actual scientific results were ever produced.
THIS IS IMPORTANT! This isn't just any old doctor, THIS IS THE MAN that made the resolution that declassified homosexuality as a mental illness, WHICH IS THE REASON SO MANY PEOPLE IN AMERICA THINK THAT THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH BEING GAY, AND THAT ANYONE WHO DOES IS A CAVE MAN. When Dr. Cummings, as president of the American Psychological Association (APA) made the resolution it was stipulated that honest and open unbiased research would be done on the subject to make sure that this change was accurate scientifically. 


It is not surprising to hear and understand how good systems are destroyed today.
And it does not only apply to schools and psychoanalysts but it especially applies
to politics, democracy and even religion when they are watered down into nothing.
Get enough people in to serve the cause and (opposition out) topple the system.

It is not surprising people like Justin Trudeau want to promote drug use.
People who are high, are not vigilant and when you get enough people filled with
hate , they are more vigilant than normal people living normal lives who do not have
such important causes in their lives to fight for. So when you see things like this, a
RED FLAG must go up. How many people sit high in Islamic countries, who
profess to love Muhammad, in issues that only suit them.
In life you can't stop being vigilant about what goes around you.

In any event, lines are crossed when children are involved and pulled into grown up issues.

It is important to keep issues separate.
There maybe issues concerning gay rights but there are also issues concerning
 the rights of children  too.
They are two different issues and one has nothing to do with the other.

In order to grow balanced, children need to learn history and the truth behind it.
They most certainly require parents of both gender. They most certainly should not be
forced to marry young or forced at all into a marriage situation or told that social sex
 is normal and ok History proves otherwise and they are not exposed to history as much as to
todays issues in most media outlets.

Children should  be protected from the so called "adult life",
which is not even healthy for adults.
 Otherwise they fall prey to groups who only care about themselves and their pocket books,
not caring who they go about destroying in the process.

In a free country, every one is entitled to his/her opinion but every day you see these doors being slowly shut.

 Now I know some people believe a lot goes on behind the scenes that is good but what we dont
know is how much goes on behind the scenes that is bad either.
We run into balance issues and people begin to live in over exposed darkness.

There is only one light and it lies in one truth. If society is deprived of learning/knowing this truth,
balance is lost and so is the human race.

OK so where am I headed with this?
Back to the 10 Commandments. lol



George said...

This is a very thoughtful, thought-provoking post. Thanks for giving us so much to think about.

A Lady's Life said...

george The news reacts to peoples input so writing to them gives them power to ask better questions.
Otherwise they get the wrong info cause no one says anything.