Saturday, August 16, 2014


The movie Syriana with George Cloony is certainly an upsetting one.
We thought having international law would help the world but all it seems to be doing is
bankrupting the world and no laws they pass, seems to be good for the countries, who now have to
fight  and die.

The UN was supposed to ensure that there was no wars
That wars would be prevented and yet here we see that corruption festers every where.
We as a people , have no control as to what they do in these intl organizations as opposed to before.

All the other religions except Islam , change with the times because religion, like everything else, is a living organism.  As times and technology change some things are no longer required like for example air con, cars, refrigerators, computers air planes, shipping of already processed food like pork, beef vegetables etc... It all simplifies life and opens doors for people to do other things.
The world benefits but Islamic people continue to suffer because they refuse to change.
Change is frowned upon and I wonder why?
Is it all because of oil?

People are free to change and use the Koran for what it was designed to do as our Bible
is interpreted to do what it is supposed to do to keep people good.

Some people HATE. They burn with hatred . They probably have to use drugs to calm down and drugs... well they just inspire more hate because they affect brain cells which affect judgement decisions.They can't see beyond their hate. The children in Palestine today will be difficult to treat because of all the pain and suffering they endure from birth. Is land worth all this?
NO. Life is too short.

Today in life there is only one question to ask  when looking at political candidates.
Do they promote good and peace? If not then they should not be allowed to run.

Like our Liberal candidate today is promoting drugs. Marijuana never stops there.
 It leads to other things . It is always laced with other things.
As usual our children are put on the back burner because they dont vote.
They are easier to entice since they are children, with no experience in life to know better.
The liberals always appeal to the poor groups who have nothing and will have even less with them in power providing them with drugs.

Islamic people are just that . Grown up children. Things like Democracy requires maturity
to make the right decisions and to be able to ask the right questions, and to know the difference between right and wrong. Their religion is not showing them the way.
 It is interpreted for them and corrupting them.

One thing about the movie Syriana made me reflect on why Obama said that the US was built by
Muslims when clearly it wasn't.
 It became clear when finding out that 30% of the slaves brought to the US were Muslim. (or so they say).It can never be proven to be true today.

You know.. desert countries can benefit not only from oil but from the sand itself.
Seems melted sand makes glass and the world always needs glass.
 This fact is great for job creation and I wonder why no one thinks of it.

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Have a good one.

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