Sunday, August 24, 2014

Shirley McClean - The True Messiah.

If anyone ever experienced sleep paralysis or an out of body experience,
they, like many of the prophets religion is based on, may begin their own religion and beget as many followers as long as people are willing to listen.
 Shirley McLean comes to mind cause she professes to have had many.
So is there something that is a true religion?
Well unfortunately or fortunately, the Jews are still looking for Messiah
and Christians believe in the 10 Commandments because of the way they were obtained, etched in stone.
No one knows how this was done or even if Moses had sleep paralysis or an out of body experience. Neither of them would result in words etched in stone.

So what is this miracle we call religion, that both kills and keeps people alive and stops them from killing each other?
Well this is really what religion is supposed to be about.
Religion is about not killing or hurting other people such as yourselves.
Religion is about teaching people not to hurt each other.
Religion is about love.
So it doesn't matter who or what it is all about, in todays' world,
I would say if we could find one religious person, just one, we could say we have a religion.
As long as we have wars and conflicts and arguments, no one is qualified or justified in saying they are standing up for or worth teaching of, a subject called religion.
So people, not to become hypocrites, realize that for them, religion does not exist.
So this makes everything they do lawful unless law becomes the new religion.
But what happens when law is watered or broken down?
It is getting to that point right now.
What happens then?
Who will save man from himself?
Well if Shirley McClean can get enough followers, she can become the new messiah, the new prophet, but will she be the true prophet ?
Who did she meet on her journey to self discovery?
What did these people tell her?
Did she meet God? Jesus? Buddha? ......
Did she meet the Devil?
Today, anyone can become a messiah.
Every person out there who is turning people into killers of innocent people for God, is a messiah.
But the question is, should these people be listened to and who is it they are speaking for?
On judgement day the confrontation will be between the individual and God, because God does not need messengers.
God is.
God is truth and he is in you so he knows when you lie or are lied to.
He gave every one the same message not to follow false prophets.
This is in all of us. Inside each one of us is a truth button.
Many of us go insane when we cannot handle the truth.
Truth..... is hated for that reason because we all have that button which says to us that man
has a lot to learn and has not even scratched the surface of knowing what humanity is all about.
This is saying it the kind way but the harsh cold cruel word is that man is still a savage.
Even animals do not do what man does.
So which prophet teaches to kill? Which prophet teaches to give the other cheek?
Why do we follow the prophet that teaches to kill and not the one that says to have faith and give the other cheek?
The Jews, who believed in peace and in giving the other cheek, after the attempted holocaust,  stopped giving the other cheek because they saw a world following
the teachings of sin . They realized people are narcissists and do what they want to do instead of following the hard road of faith and peace required by the true one God.
They destroy the heaven they live in believing they will be saved to repeat everything they did here ,somewhere else.
Well in this world people have free will to learn to do the right thing.
In the next world God will intervene and make people understand
what the right thing to do is and if one does not understand, well he just will not not be invited in.
I guess with all the planets out there, there is a place for each and every one of us to settle on and live very lonely lives and the smartest will probably develop another human being to share life with and the dummest will  die off.
The above article is a good one for people to read and maybe then they can take a long hard look of what they are fed on every day, professed to be religion and law, organised by false prophets in a world full of laws, which no one is obliged to listen to.


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