Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Stay with Me.

I came across this video.
 Russians sure have some hot romances lol
I loved the pictures of the flowers and the song is
also about tender love.

It says something to the effect :

Stay with me a while
Don't go away.
It is beautiful here
I will cover you with kisses
My heart is bursting, waiting to share our love.

Takes me back to the days of my youth.
I was very fortunate to have found so genteel  a man
to love me so and for me to love.
Together, we could conquer the world.

If people could find a love such as what
we had , it would be a good world to live in.
Growing up in a time when songs were about angels
and peace and flower children, was also
a plus.
The gentle rustling of ruffled skirts,
bright colors, long hair blowing in a gentle wind,
opened up hearts and minds as flowers
to a glorious sunlit dawn.

We never listened to bands like Alice Cooper,
so our world was even then shut in, limited
not by laws but our our spirits who longed
for genteel beauty .
Even bars were not attractive to us.
We spent time cycling, swimming, boating, taking long walks
in autumn leaves, sitting by brooks and finding
 old water mills, which now stood silent.
The world in nature was a much nicer place
than the world of noise and drugs and liquor.
We walked for miles hand in hand, circling the planet,
exploring, searching for the meaning of our existence.

We found the sadness of goodness every where we looked and
the goodness of sadness besought by people in their struggles
to stay alive.
Such is the world we live in.
People needing people, cries for love, willing to
sacrifice everything for one moment of peace and bliss, and
the sharing of souls.


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