Sunday, August 3, 2014

Generation Gap

Walking across Egypt. I still don't understand the title.
Maybe it has to do with the Bible and it being an inspirational movie.

I personally think it has to do with generation gap.

They always talk about generation gap and how people don't understand each other
 Then why do old people get along so well with young people, where as middle aged parents have problems?

Maybe kids and old people have the same vulnerabilities so they can understand each other better
and work hand in hand, to help each other and thus enjoy each others company.
 Adults, who are healthy and self centered and have no patience or time to give to either end of the spectrum are all go go go and in the process, they miss so much life and living.It even includes pastors who do not live by the word of the Lord they preach.

Walking Across Egypt is another good movie I enjoyed.

Coming home from the beach yesterday, we just barely had time to get out of the car when this woman came running calling out her dogs' name. She asked if we saw it and we said no.
Our little dog was barking behind the front door, hearing us come home and the woman asked to see it thinking we stole her dog.
She stood there till we showed her with this accusing look.

It made me think that they must have lost the dog much earlier than she was pretending it happened.
They probably heard her bark and thought we stole it and were waiting to see the car come into the driveway.

Bella had a great time meeting people, kissing kids and swimming. She is a real trooper.
One little boy just followed her and kept patting her till we left.

We watched Mt Baker in Washington State, so cool and full of snow. Such a beautiful sight in hot weather. Usually the tide comes in at 4 pm but in summer it comes in later. You can tell how high it comes in, by the dry sea weed.
The kids like to see the baby crabs in the water and pick up the dead ones sea gulls seem to have feasted on. The pools of water before the tide comes in makes it nice to put down a chair and sit cooling your feet . Makes it nice for parents with young children who can splash around them in the water in safety.

We saw two girls with mermaid tail fins. Must be something new out. Sure takes you aback a bit
till you see people connected to them tails lol

Have a good one.

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