Wednesday, January 28, 2015

To Have and To Hold

 Today I watched CNN and read the Huffington Post,
 along with the comments, which is emailed to me online.
One article referred to Michelle Obama and her disrespect of
Islamic protocol, by not wearing a head cover.
I had to laugh. Sometimes the insanity of politics cracks me up.

 Michelle Obama is an AMERICAN woman.
 Since she became first lady, her message was,
 I am a free person and not a slave.
 SHE stands for FREEDOM, unlike her husband, who has issues
 with Islam and can't quite make up his mind who he is
 or what he wants.
Either he is President of the United States of America
who fights for freedom or he isn't.
He can't be both.
Saying Islam built America is an insult.

 Slavery existed only in the south but the north built
America and put in the Constitution.
The North came from places like England France and Spain.
There was no Islam there. If there were Islamic slaves in the south,
 they were given freedom and good people fought to give it to them.
 This is why America is loved and hated at the same time, even today.

 In his State of the Union Address, Obama arrogantly remarked
 to the Republicans, that he won two terms.
Well, had he continued with his Islamic chants and garb and kow towing
as he did  in the beginning, he would have lost big time.
 His Party won him the second election.
His Party told him to shut up.

 What did he do for America other than open doors to more
 fighting and more spending, further depleting a great country?

 The AfroAmerican people do not need hand outs.
 Even Oprah agrees.
America needs education so there is no need for health care, 
psychiatry or prisons. The fight is for clarity of the mind,
to make good judgement decisions, so America does not die or
lose the greatness she was once seen as being.

 Canada has the same problem with Liberalism.
We have our own old fart Kennedy, sitting in Quebec,
 laughing at every one, debasing our country,
in the person of Mr Brian Mulroney.
He is a Conservative, a man who pushed in the (temporary ) hated GST,
 pushing for the election of a naive liberal,
 who is not ready to run a country, especially in these times.

Mulroney sees himself as part of an elite and thinks highly
of himself and wants to see Canadas' middle class fall.

 Islam stands for slavery. It promotes the destruction of the middle
 class who is comfortable, educated and able to think and
put up a fight.
Michelle, and I might add Le Braun James, as free people,
did not see anything wrong with caressing the Queen or the future
 Queen of England, Kate.
 Free people have no fear because they stand stand for something greater.

 Any person who suffered at the hands of Hitler, knows and understands the signs.
Youth ......does not. They see nothing wrong because they haven't suffered.
They haven't suffered because good people died for them to be free.

Today, the young have to respect the past for giving them these
rights and freedoms and they have to continue to fight not to lose them.

 Legalizing drugs, living without morals ethics and values which
we are told do not exist and are not important.....
Well ... lets just say.... these unimportant , bad things, made us
 the great countries that we are.
 To spit on that is to spit on ourselves.


George said...

Thanks for a very interesting post. I must admit that politics here in the U. S. drive me nuts at times. Wouldn't it be nice if politicians meant what they said and said what they meant?

A Lady's Life said...

George I think every one has gone nuts lol