Monday, January 5, 2015

Does God Hate and Fear Satan?

Does God Hate and Fear Satan?

We live in a world in constant war.
War between people and races.
War between political views.
War between religions.
We see Satans' work , every where we look, in the eyes of man.
We see drug abuse.
We see laws abused .
 We see freedom and human rights abused.
We still live in a world of torture, be it physical, mental, or spiritual.
People argue, just for the sake of arguments.

 We know God loves man kind so much, he sent his son to die for us.
We know God created man in his own image.
We know that it is the result of Satan, the fallen angel,
that man has to struggle to live and survive.
 Some would say they would rather do it the hard way than the easy way,
cause there is something that attracts us to do it "MY WAY".
. It's more fun, inventive and who loves mischief more than children?

 The good people of this world cry out to God and ask him why?
Why the pain and suffering? As a result God has become more fiction than
 fact and people hate him for all the bad things that happen.

 The true nature of man, is a result of his environment and experiences.
 We cannot experience nor learn everything in one lifetime.
We hear people speak of reincarnation often and if God is spiritual,
 then spirits or souls of man, also have a time to venture out and
 become something other, to experience something other.

We speak of personal journeys in life.
We see the work of the devil challenging everything we believe in,
 simply by saying: YES you can.

Yes, is a very positive, powerful  word.
Mothers teach their children: Don't put your hand into the fire.
The devil walks in and tells the child:
Yes, you can put your hand into the fire. It won't hurt you.

As a magician can tell you, if you know how to walk over coals and
 how to put your hand into the fire that yes, it might not hurt you.
 If you know how to walk over water, you might not drown.
If you know how to take a bullet, you might not die.
A lot of if's in this world to be tempted and challenged by and
man likes these challenges, which always have consequences affecting
 the people around them.

 So now we ask, does God fear and hate Satan? Should we fear Satan or God?

Well the Bible says in the end, God wins . We don't really understand what
this term "win" means.
Is Satan helping God to win?
 By defying God and his 10 Commandments , Satan challenges man to learn,
 to grow and to mature. Maturity brings forth understanding and understanding
brings forth goodness because man loses fear.

With no one to fight, there is only enlightenment and peace and most of all
 All falls into balance.
Unfortunately many lag behind because they like to sit and behave as children.
 We call them lost souls.
We call them people who can't make good judgement decisions and
who pull every one else down. These people live in fear, in physical, mental and
spiritual poverty and these people argue and fight,
 but man always has HOPE to reach them and God works in the other
world to maybe reincarnate them to give them another chance
to learn and grow and mature as they fulfill their worldly dreams and desires.
 He buys them time.

 It's funny cause if we go into the germ world, we can see that with colds,
there are just so many mutations germs can make and as the body learns to
fight them, in the end, people become immune to colds.

Can we be immune to Satan in the same way?

 One day, man will find, that to survive as a species, we have to learn
to go beyond the physical, into the spiritual, to survive the wave of destruction
our universe is headed for.
 Is this what Satan is fighting for?
Is this what he is building his army for and should this distress God?
 As spiritual beings, we need fear nothing .
Gasses and liquids unite and form compounds and if we look at plants , animals and
people, we are all compounds with limits.
We can of course argue that as we get closer to things, they disappear and blend into the universe
and they can also disappear as we look at them further and further away,
so in essence, nothing exists .
Focus brings things into perspective, to see things as they were really and truly meant to be seen,
and enjoyed and focus, has limits.
 And what are limits but another word for "NO".

So in the end, we see that NO wins and Satans' Yes, loses.
 Satan recognizes no limits, whereas Gods' creation, man, does.
If man had no limits, then he would not exist and so the 10 Commandments
to help man see the limits, to survive.

Therein lies the HOPE of Salvation, that man will grow and mature and survive and
find himself enlightened in goodness.
 In this light, God does not seem such a bad guy and Satan is just a child
who never grew up and ran away before his education was over.

 God does not fear children.
 He loves them one and all.



Rick Watson said...

This is a deep conversation.

A Lady's Life said...

Rick The subject came up so I tried to make it short. lol

Gattina said...

That's a rather pessimistic view on the world ! I prefer to look at the bright side of life ...

A Lady's Life said...

Gattina No. It is a philosophical view and it ends well.
People ask questions and I just express myself in writing.If nothing else it should show people that fighting and killing makes no sense.
I also rejoice at the bright side of life but lately there is not much to rejoice.Sometimes these reporters go too far.
ie on Christmas we had 2 policemen funerals talked about and aired for the whole Christmas holiday.
They did not talk about Santa or
joy of giving but death.
Always about death. This is daily news today.So I do my crafts and rejoice when they come out lol
Small things but makes me happy.
My two trees are full of my work and one day my kids will see this.