Monday, January 12, 2015

Philosophy of Relativism

I love philosophy and Daniel Bonevac is a miracle worker, a god, by bringing
 Dostoyevsky, Nietzche, Hegel back from the dead. lol
What is real? What is truth?

I thoroughly enjoyed this video. Took me back to the good ol days
when I loved being a student.
I think if left to myself, I would be a student forever.
I always look at life as an educational experience and this makes
everything rational because we must know the good, the bad and the ugly
to be human ourselves.
 Cut off from humanism, we become barbarians.

What a gift education is!!

Every one should watch it.

We are the people who we are.
We determine who we are and what we believe.

God is dead and we are all murderers! cries the mad man.

And Dostoyevsky says after all this rational or irrational thought,
teaching and knowledge...
we are back to Narcissism.

The more things change, the more they stay the same
says Hegel as he believes  absolute truth is there for the taking
but it would take a genius to find it.

Enjoy and thanks Daniel for an awesome video.


Rick Watson said...

Thought provoking indeed.
Thanks for sharing.

George said...

I was in college during the 'God is Dead' era of the '60s. I didn't believe it then and I don't believe it now. But I did enjoy my philosophy courses.

A Lady's Life said...

Rick I think Philosophy grows minds and this is what education is all about . I think if they taught less sex education and more philosophy, kids would be much smarter and better at decision making.

A Lady's Life said...

George me too. I find I did not agree with my professors nor they with me. lol I did tell them that each person is responsible for his own life and bad decision I still believe this.
We don't have to be sheep but do need to have structure and faith.
I think the quality of my life was better growing up knowing less until
university when I had real profs
to unlock the world which was much different from the nice world I lived in.I lived in a world where adults cared about me enough to protect me from the ugliness they went through during and after the war. Till then I thought I could fix everything and today...
I see that we can't fix anything
and need a miracle that only God
can provide.Today,
People need his guidance more than ever.Today kids are robbed of the nice world I grew up in. It was real to me until I was old enough to understand and build my mind cause I had a foundation to build on. I think all kids need this time when they are growing, to build a foundation to base their life on.Then they can learn, debate and grow enriched.