Sunday, January 18, 2015

Living Outside the Box

It's a good excuse to use when the kids get blown up.
"It was a science experiment." lol
No one else could use that excuse on the little darlings except a scientist.

There is a big issue even today about the virtues of spanking.
George Lopez in live comedy, gives a short one on bed time stories.;_ylt=AwrTcdPGnbpUpn8A10olnIlQ;_ylu=X3oDMTB0c2puYm1xBHNlYwNzYwRjb2xvA2dxMQR2dGlkA1lIUzAwM18x?p=comedian+-+lopez&tnr=21&vid=534EFC0CEFDEDAD4A6FE534EFC0CEFDEDAD4A6FE&l=621&

Once upon a time ( a few weeks ago) there was a lady who drowned her kids.......
shall I go on and bring her here? Go to sleep!!!

The best in child rearing is learned from your family. lol

Today as I looked again at the old, sad , sorry Toni box standing on my bathroom counter,
I decided today was the day.
 Yup I used my Moms' old curlers  and made myself a perm,
saving 150.00 bucks. I say saving money because when I do make a perm at the hair dressers, 
I come home disappointed cause there are no curls.
Another thing I found was they use the bigger wave curlers and my hair requires the smaller ones
which means more work putting them in. I tried finding them in the store but they don't sell the curlers with the fine paper, so how are the new people supposed to do a perm at home, like we used to do for each other in my time. I always did my Moms' hair but she never did mine. All she liked doing was cooking. I took after my Dad who was known for his golden hands and this is what they said of me too. No one says this anymore cause the people who mattered and understood how important it is to know things, are all gone now.

I also use pins so it is nicer to sleep at night. 
Never did like hot irons.
Lately they had a nice hot iron they showed on tv where by you put a piece of hair into it and it rolls and curls it by itself. I thought that was cool.
As you age, you find that your head sweats so any curls, die right at the root.

This will be my last Toni perm as I don't see them selling it anymore.
Breaks my heart.
Everything has changed in the hair department. 
Even the hair dressers today don't understand the word LAYERING.
 They don't know who Farrah Fawcett was and that girl had HAIR. 
It was gorgeous! Back in the day, everyone wanted that look. I still do.

In the hair department, I am in love with the idea of hair inserts on an elastic string.
You can get them in many colors and even an old girl like me can have red and purple hair without actually coloring anything and look
It's one way to upgrade yourself. lol
But we don't have so many places to go to show off the look, without people thinking you are nuts. lol 
As my husband brought in coffee and sandwich to me he said Hunh! You look like Merryl Strip.
So how about it? lol 
 Have to give it to the ol guy. He's still
Then he came in to get the plate and give me a coffee top up and asked:
 So how was the sand wich? Did Bella like it? 
With demanding girls like mine, you are lucky to eat at all. lol

Last night I had a dream I carried my Mom and lay her down on the couch.
She looked so pretty young and thin. She wore no glasses. She got up and without a word,walked away and I thought gosh, she looks like a ballerina. I rushed to my Grand Mother to tell her Come Quick! Look! My Mother's not dead!
She's alive!
They buried her but she's alive. Hurry! Hurry! 
(Who is they? I buried her.)
My Grand Mother looked at me with her eyebrows up in interest but did not rush and I woke up,
only to remember that my Grand Mother is gone as well.
My Grand Mother also looked young, living another life.

As more and more people leave your life, you miss them more and more.
I would have given my Mom a lot more Tonis. I would have sewn a lot more dresses.
We would have had a lot more parties, baked a lot more cakes and Easter Bread.
Gone  on interesting shopping sprees. Done a lot more gardening and pickling and made the best home made kolbassas. 
I remember having this blade on the table and all these cabbages waiting to be
sliced and salted for winter.All the neighbors shared it.
 Nothing like fried salted cabbage with onions to eat or stuff pyrogies with.

Now you are all alone to do these things and they are not so much fun to do.
 The young people are in their own world and really don't care. 
You think, when you look at them, they are missing out on so much fun and survival skills
and have no idea.



noodlecat said...

Have a great weekend!

Noodle and crew

A Lady's Life said...

Thanks Laura and you as well.

Vanessa Morgan said...

Such a sad post, but so true and from the heart.

A Lady's Life said...

Such is life Vanessa. You never realize how good you have it till it's gone.
Looking back, I think we lived in the best of times.

Sandra Cox said...

What a moving post.
And I definitely remember Farrah and her magnificent hair. grin.

A Lady's Life said...

Sandra that was a beautiful lady inside and out.

Gattina said...

The past is the past, I look into the future ! I have cut my hair all 6 weeks I hate going to the hairdresser !

A Lady's Life said...

Gattina You look to the future and you learn from the past.
I love my past and it comforts me to remember.