Friday, December 6, 2013

Joy to the world

Christmas is for Children and all the toys come out to play.

I made a little girly sweater for baby about 30 years ago for my first
baby boy and then thought it looks too girly and never finished the sleeves.
So I finished them finally and have to get white ribbons to tie the front with
About time.
For two days I've been busy with gingerbread houses.
My son made one and bought two more kits of a train and 4 little houses.

So I also made 4 little houses and one bigger one, 2 gingerbread men, three Christmas trees,
and a few stars.
It looks so simple to do these things but when you make it from scratch it sure
 is a mess with flour and sugar icing everywhere. This is why I don't like cooking lol
The mess it makes with pots and dishes.

But now I have my own village to decorate, to add to his, on my elephant chair.
It's big enough to put a display on and with a few lights it will look great for Christmas.
I still have the pads to put under the bed sheets from my Mother and these unfolded would make great snow and even mountains can be stapled together. I can even make a tree skirt out of them.

I am behind on my advent candles
They just need a few branches which have to be collected. Yesterday as we were driving,
someone threw a huge branch outside and I was so tempted to pick it up.
Ones mans' garbage is another mans' treasure.

Santa seems to have visited my tree already with two presents. lol Even Tanya got a Santa outfit to keep her warm and God forbid she takes it off cause my son gets mad. He said she is to wear it to keep warm.
Santa can be very demanding and pushy at times. He is really looking to see if people are naughty or nice. lol

I would really like to make a nativity scene but this would require sticks and its too cold to go out looking for them. Home made is the best cause you can relate to it.

Well hope you are all bundled up and warm It is chilly outside.


Rick Watson said...

It's even chilly here too. I bet your gingerbread houses are a hit :)

A Lady's Life said...

I hope we have a nice display once they are finished Rick.
My son's soccer was cancelled due to cold and ice. Thank God!!
Crazy to breath this air.