Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Brewin Tea For Santa

The tea is brewin for ol Santa. I hope the snow man doesn't melt.

I don't have any children here but the old children are all
sitting beside the tree looking to see what is under it.

Little by little wrapped things are showing up under it.
Usually I don't put anything until Christmas Eve because I buy during the year
and wrap them and then sit and wait. By the time Christmas comes I forget what is in the packages so it is interesting for me as well.
But this year is different.
My son was the first who was earnest and happy to put things under the tree.
He says he wants it to be a good Christmas this year, so now I have to prepare things
to make it special.
This is the first year the dogs will have presents.
and his girl friend.

I still have to finish making the train as I think they gave up on their project already.
They like what I displayed already.

I found a crochet ginger bread house and I think I will try to make it after Christmas for next year.
This way we don't have to play with icing and its easy to put away.
I find that it  doesn't glue properly and you have to sit playing and waiting till it dries enough to continue.
I also thought to make the porcelain clay and then using that to make the gingerbread house This way it will stay forever. I can make whole villages and it will be special cause its all home made.

I know . Easier to buy. I say that as well but when you make things they get history.
One day when I am blind as a bat people can say she used to be good at this stuff and that's good enough for me.

Have a great day! No jokes today.



SandyCarlson said...

Your son sounds like a very nice person. And it sounds like you all are on the road to a beautiful holiday.

Gattina said...

Everything is ready for Christmas the only thing I have to do today is wrapping the gifts ! My son with family is coming and 3 year old Toby will certainly be very excited !

PS. I noticed that the German language has changed enormously since I left it in 1959 ! A lot of English words had moved in and the youngsters have their own language. A friend of mine bought me a dictionary to be able to understand them, lol !
The same is in Italian, and French. Languages always change. Otherwise we would still speak latin and wiking in Europe !

A Lady's Life said...

So true gattina Each generation has its own slang but then it goes back to sq one.