Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Years Have Told me.....

"Years have told me.. what days didn't know."
A friend sent me this quote and I found it to be
 wise and so true.

In this technical world, people miss out on education.
Education teaches one the ability to think.
More importantly time and experience educates us all.

Many today listen or read and say:
 No, there is nothing wrong with that.

They do not see the fine print in between, which discloses
that maybe there might be a lot wrong once you take
 off the fine  packaging.

We find new ideas about what we should eat, what kills us.

Well death kills but when it comes to food,
everything they say is bad for us, was survival food in times of
scarcity. Today, food kills.
Tobacco    Tobacco kills
Bullets      Bullets kill
Behavior. Behavior kills
Drugs       Drugs kill
Lifestyle   Lifestyle kills
Ignorance  Ignorance kills
Lies           Lies kill
Truth         Truth kills

Every word, has a fine line one needs to cross, before
a friend, turns into an enemy.

We find old people, with cures doctors do not know.
We have doctors who do not know how to cure.
We have teachers who do not know how to teach.
We have judges who do not know how to judge.
We have historians, philosophers, mathematicians, physicists
psychiatrists etc... who send you on a tangent, away from truth.

Every one has ideas and as individuals, we are told to choose.
How we make our choices makes all the difference..
New generations do not experience what the old generations did
so for them something dangerous, is seen as innocent and ok.

For all of technologys' progress, life does not move forward
but follows the same pattern of self destruction.
War , hate, power, sex, alienation etc...
We think technology is better so things are different but life plays tricks.
It does not disclose that for every positive, there is a negative and
every time we think something is ok, the fine print says no.

You can't fool Mother Nature as they say, for she always has the last word.
You can't fool God by thinking he does not exist.
You can't fool him in his name ,  to do wrong.

Years have told me what days didn't know.
What I know today, I'll never know again
What I see today, I'll always see.
We stand divided, disinfected and infected.
We live, we fight and we die...
but some escape....
those from yesterday, the learned, who do not seek
but spend a lifetime living in quiet solitude.

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