Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A World Pretending to Care

A World Pretending to Care

The story was about a beautiful angel, who lived
in a beautiful family consisting of a Father, a Mother,
and two younger brothers. She blossomed under Gods'
light without a care in the world.
She believed the world to be good since her small world
was good.
She believed people to be good, since the people
around her were good.
She excelled in school, sang in the choir, helped by doing her chores,
wrote beautiful poetry and her paintings were loved by all who saw them.
She was generous with all her work and gave everything she made away
to people, just to see them smile.

As the years went by, more and more people began to come to her
with their burdens and their desires.
She tried to help them but the more she helped, the more she began to see
that people wanted help but then went back to continue what put them
into dire straights in the first place.

As more and more hands began to grab her, to quench their desires,
 only to be rejected, more and more evil words were thrown at her
and at her family for standing out.

Her beautiful world suddenly turned dark . Her voice was no
longer heard over the deafening noise of chants and drums and
deafening screams that was called music.
The faces around her were black, the clothes were black, and
the angel found herself alone and her soul was tormented by
 her environment.



The angel lifted up her arms to show her hands. I would.. but see
I have nothing more to give.
I have nothing.
YES! YOU DO!!. they  belched back at her.
We want your soul join us.hahahahaha
Yes... to join us hahahahahaha

My soul?
Oh no. My soul is who I am. I am an angel.
That is something I cannot give, for this would end my life.

Your Life?
You have a life?
You said you have nothing.
You lied angel.

I said I had nothing more to give.
I gave everything away.

They laughed as they taunted her for being good.
We want your life angel, so we can live too.
As an angel, it is your DUTY to give us what we want since
Your job is to be GOOD.

My Job??? the angel stuttered, surrounded by the black objects
that now became thousands.
She did not see them as people anymore.
They were not human.

The angel fell on her knees and looked up into the sky,
her face covered in tears.
Her arms slowly lifted up to God and she cried out to him.
God! What is my job now? The people are gone.
My life is being stolen!
 I cannot give it freely since this soul belongs
to you!

As she begged God to tell her what to do, the skies opened
and a blinding light shone through, forcing every one to cover
their eyes.
When it left, all stood blind, except the angel,
whose arms still were held up to the sky.
She smiled and nodded.

Thank you God.
I know what to do now.
She stood up and went home.

She opened the front door and there stood all the people.
Her Mother and Father and brothers, the choir,
and all the people she shared with.
In the back of the room stood God.
 He held out his arms to her
and said
 Child. You are home. Here is your life and love,
your heart and soul.
 Your face is  glowing and you are the
the envy of the world.

You gave but the world did not
You loved but the world did not.
The world is blind but here,
we all can see.

The angel was soo happy to be surrounded
by the love she grew up in but inside, her spirit
still cried for the blind, the non humans
she left outside her door, who could not hurt her


noodlecat said...

That is exactly why we need angels!

Noodle and crew

A Lady's Life said...

Thanks Laura.
The way the world is going, we need
tons of angels. lol