Saturday, February 28, 2015

NO.... but maybe YES

Every one knows Betty White from the Golden girls.
Here she is when she was young along with Jimmy Boyd, the
 toothy freckled little boy, with a lot of spunk.
Gosh what a lovely voice she had.
Jimmy Boyd sang I saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus and Tell Me a Story
and others like it
He sang so many different songs. I am sure every one remembers him.
It's just that  we forget, until we come across him and then say
Oh Ya..... How about that. I forgot about him. lol
The days are getting to be sunny and wonderful to wake up to.

I finally got to go to the pool,  sauna , steam room and hot tub with my son.
The place was full of people my age so now I am hoping my husband
will go with me.
Will do us both good.
Stretched my calves and thigh muscles and they hurt the next day.
I was going to tell my guys that I will go every day but now...
I dont think so lol
3 1/2 hours in one day was enough to conk me out for the next day but
skip a day and I am  ready to up an at em again.
My son would not let me go to the gym.
He said I have to break myself in easy.

Now what does he know lol Guess lots. lol

Was nice to sweat my pores out  though.
Reminded me of the good ol days when working out every
day was a thrill. Later, working out meant cleaning house washing clothes and floors
 playing with babies becoming a muscle woman bag lady, pushing strollers and
carrying shopping bags.
Easier to work out...3 1/2 hours and then be done .
 The other way is a 26 hour job.
in a 24 hour day.
But we all do it and when the kids grow up, wish those days would be back.

Anyway, we find other things to do and can once again enjoy what is called

Well. .... People who know me well know I'm the Lady that says no no no but
 it always sounds like yes and so don;t believe a word I say lol

Have a wonderful day.

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