Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Being Koi

These are my beautiful Koi.
It is relaxing to watch them as they live in a world,
oblivious to the Gods around them. lol
 We had a lot of fish and they were all very educational to
learn from. So what is special about these?
 Well, they made remarkable meals to rascal coons.
Good sushi a la carte.
 Even though they had places to hide under rocks, those rascals
had no problem fishing them out.

Koi taste like carp. (Not that I would ever eat my pets.)
They have lots of bones like carp too.
My Mom used to fry carp dipped in flour and then she would
make a great tomato sauce with onions and cover them in a pan and
 bake them.
After everything cools, you put the dish into the fridge and wait
till meal time. MMMM so delicious.

Other times my Mom would fry the carp pieces and then marinate them
in a vinegar mixture with oil and seasonings .
I wish I knew how she did it. You have to eat it within a week, time wise.

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