Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Warm Kitchens

During all this time I finished a vest It is quite large . I still havent found a pattern where they make things fit NORMAL people. They are either for tiny size 9 people or babies or over sized.
It is quite disappointing to do a size large or even XL and then find out all this work is for a size large( size 10 )person. To me this is not a large. Men especially need much bigger bulkier sizes.
The men wearing them in the picture they give you, are not size 10. lol

Today was another cooking day.
Went back to crock potting making delicious soups and stews.
Just replenished another pot with steaklets corn tomatoes potatoes carrots and some other stuff.

It is delicious with a spoon of yogurt. I could eat a whole pot by myself so I resist by cooking and leaving the kitchen and letting people help themselves. lol

Then I did the Lahmajoon or Armenian Pizza.
Its mince meat with finely chopped green peppers garlic onion parsley tomatoes plus 1 can of tom. paste, cumin coriander salt black pepper cayenne, basil , olive oil and lemon juice.
It is supposed to look like liver worst once everything is chopped up but since I do it by hand it never is lol
I guess you can put it through a blender or chopper on fine chop.

You spread this on pita bread which you tear in halves. I get about  60 pieces of pizza this way.
I put them between layers of parchment paper and into zip lock bags to freeze. I get about 3 big bags to freeze. They go very quickly as they are very addictive once you begin eating them.

They are quick to make in the oven or the microwave and you can even add a bit of parmesan or some other cheese to it. Today people put lots of other stuff on them like eggplants zuccini eggs...
before cooking them which are then rolled up to eat.

When I think about it, this is a very healthy, non fattening meal to eat and for the price, you can't feed
60 people in one day, cheaper and like I said , this is addictive food.
You can't just have one piece.
It lingers in your nostrils and mouth for a long time lol

So if you are allowed to have International food fests as a school fund raiser or in a church or at a cook out, you are sure to make some change on this pizza.
 It goes about as fast as tacos do.

Well since the boys are in the mood I have another batch of mince meat defrosting waiting to be fried with onions garlic and shredded carrots to stuff  into either yeast dough made for French bread or simple dough made out of baking powder. or even the dough sheets they sell already made to roll and  stuff in and then deep fry  in vegetable oil as egg rolls. They freeze well but usually dont last long as they are found almost immediately by the house fridge raiders.

My favorite stuffings are like the one above or with mince meat onion garlic and rice or with
shredded cabbage steamed with shredded carrots onions and garlic.
I have half a cabbage left over so I can use it to stuff some egg rolls.

The thing about this sort of cooking is that you can make a lot so you don't have to sit waiting for people to ask for snacks They just go and help themselves at their leisure.

While you are cooking, the kitchen smells fill the air with aroma my men notice right away as they walk in through the front door and head straight for the pots. lol

After the chill of the air outside, inside it is warm and inviting and not only for the guys but for my achy bones as well.

Have a great day


Gattina said...

"My" men all were XXL or sometimes XXXL, my son is 2 m long and Mr. G. 1.88 !

A Lady's Life said...

Gattina I know You get patterns but they are so different from country to country like shoe sizes.lol
So when they say large or extra large you think in American terms but then they turn out small. or else too big lol


George said...

You've done a great job of making me hungry. Everything sounds delicious, and just perfect for a cold, winter day.

A Lady's Life said...

lol George just get crockin so it is there after the walkin. lol

SandyCarlson said...

Looks delicious!

A Lady's Life said...

Thanks Sandy I put pics of this up before but these pizzas are always so good.