Thursday, January 16, 2014

Jugglin February


Picassa has made it so difficult to use that I need to take all my pics out of it and
save to desk top or some other place.

In the mean time I have been busy and now feel like doing what my garden child
is doing. I guess its time to pop a few Centrum to get the old body back and pumping.
It's either that or give in and take a nap lol

It is amazing what a few vitamins can do for you. Get your iron level up there again. lol

I left my knitting for a while Have two pieces to finish but don't seem to have the inclination.

I got myself a whistling kettle. Something I've been eying for a few years, some plastic
containers for food storage and a pair of fleecy pants since I am in love with these pants.
Life is for comfort as they say.

Our mountains don't seem to have snow this year . Only one has opened for skiing and it's January already. They try to put the artificial snow but it is not really enough to be satisfying to the true
boarders and skiers.

In Abbottsford we see only a few high snow peaked mountains, with tons of snow and of course Mt Baker in Washington State. It would not be a good sign if that mountain went bare in the summer.
It never does.

The new washing machine we bought has no parts available. I wonder what kind of companies we have today that sell such expensive things but no parts when they break down and then they want you to buy insurance and this means an added expense, still with no parts to be had.
In the mean time the old clunkers keep on clunking away slow but sure and work the way they are supposed to.
I guess things will have to go back to the way they were cause people will just stop buying new technology full of head aches.

Yesterday we had sunny weather which brought the spirits up and today the sun came out again.
Maybe our winter here in BC is over.
I wanted to put something for people to see on the net but I've done nothing except cook meals and so have nothing to show.
I've been mostly on the road with hubby and the scenery is  all the same, news is all the same.

Sochi will be interesting to see with every one walking around with a personal body guard so to speak lol I don't think I'd want to go out there if I was an athlete.

Hope every one has begun a fabulous New Year.
What do you call a Lepraucaun covered in cement?

        A wee hard man.
O'Leary. - See they've found a cure for Arthitis
O'Gill - About time
O'Leary - Aye. They take your bones out.
Not only do you feel better but a lot more relaxed.
The government has our backs against the wall too long says O 'Tool
Aye says Murphy.
Time to turn around and fight!
2 easy lessons on how to teach an Irish Gig.
1) serve plenty of alcohol
2) shut the toilets

Paddy asks O'Tool
Now that we won the lottery, what do we do about the beggin letters?
O'Tool answers : Just keep sendin them.


George said...

I'm sorry to hear that you're having problems with Picassa; I hope they are soon fixed. I remember when I was growing up that Dad could fix anything on our family car. Now autos are so complicated that I wouldn't even try to fix something myself.

Gattina said...

I use Picasa too, as webstorage and on my computer to retouch photos. I haven't noticed any difference.
All household appliances are made to last for +- 10 years. Reparations are too expensive, we are a consumer society so off to buy new once.

Akelamalu said...

Oooh I've included a photograph of Mount Baker in my latest post!

A Lady's Life said...

George they want people to pay after a gigabite. So you don't win You can use it till then.

A Lady's Life said...

Gatinna My washer is less than 2 years old.It should have parts sold.
The old machines still do and people are told never to throw them away They are worth fixing. I should have listened. lol
I keep Picasa for pics too but to put on the blog you only get a gigabite of use
So you need to play games by sending it to desk top to avoid playing with Picassa. Before you would just press create and publish to blogger.Now when you do that you get error 503.

A Lady's Life said...

I love Mt Baker Akelamalu.
I look at it for inspiration in summer.
It makes you feel cool and refreshed in the hot weather. You can see it for miles.