Sunday, January 26, 2014

More Thinking

I am trying out new pattern designs and so far this is what I got.
I am using 275 stitches in a round.
I think it would make someone a nice skirt once it is done and very
But it won't be a skirt. After the reindeer, will come a maple leaf design and then it should be long enough to try doing a yoke and a neck line. Then some plain white sleeves.

It is taking its' sweet time so I will not be worried about it. Just taking my time.
In the mean time I made a nice stew adding chopped up steak and a few Italian sausages in Bearnaise sauce. I added shredded cabbage carrots onion garlic and broccoli and then the TV said Cabbage and broccoli is imported from India. India ....where they say has food shortage .
Does it make sense?
And then where is our broccoli and cabbage?

Then we complain about the price of food and environment pollution.
I personally want to eat food from my own country and would appreciate stores buying from our own farmers.Shopping local farmers markets is a pain in the ass but I think it is worth the trip and the main stores like Safeway Save On Super store and Walmart will lose out. Safeway and Save on have a union. It should say something about this to ensure business is not lost from customers having to shop elsewhere for local food.
Now that I am paying attention to where food comes from it begins to upset me to see so much economic dysfunction by people who were trained in the financial field and should know how to cut costs. We elect a government who should know how to do this.
The newspapers are not much better They simply attribute this to company costs but it would be cheaper if they took out packaging which goes into the dump  and if the food was grown locally and processed locally so it doesn't have to be shipped.

I remember New Brunswick once dumping their potatoes into the ocean rather than giving them to those in need like to the homeless and other charities or maybe cows goats and pigs, which could have done better with it.
 They said we couldn't sell them so we dumped them. Such waste.
Then when they have a drought or a flood or something else and lose money the government has to bail them out but they help no one.

People don't see the need to speak out but this is why we have reporters to ask these questions.
This is why they are in the news business to dig this sort of stuff up but instead all we hear on the news is about drugs and shootings over a table eating poison food from somewhere else taking for granted our government and FDA is protecting us. Are they?
People dont want hormones and vaccines in their meat and eggs and vegetables so the best places to ensure this does not happen is to grow it locally so it is within easy access to the local people and food management can be controlled locally where it is supposed to be by the people who buy and eat it.

It makes a lot more sense and worked before all these big businesses walked in and took over.

I guess I should not say these things as someone from a big business will get mad and no one wants to upset them but should they not be thinking about this as well if they really care about what they do? It is their own families who ingest this food or do the owners grow it locally on their own properties lol.

Never a dull moment in this world.
I am trying to stay away from the TV these days as it is nothing but death and war but the news slips in between and then all the work you do trying to stay away from endless political arguments, floods the room again via TV.

I had a cousin who accused me of being spoiled rotten She said I dont work and dont know how hard it is out in the world to survive.She is living the single free life.
I told her she doesnt know how hard it is to stay home either, give birth, sit worrying about kids and husbands because this is not a 9-5 job.
She comes home and her meal is prepared she eats and goes to bed or watches tv or plays with her flowers and cats.

At home you have the kids the pets, the old people, the house and volunteer work which takes up 18 hours a day with no pay.
Then you have jobs which have no security so you dont know where the next paycheck is coming from or when the check will clear. Bills don't care about your problems and families still have to be fed and clothed.
Saving for a rainy day just doesnt work for most people today because every day is rainy lol

Things sure have changed. People make so may laws that it is impossible to live anymore, so many
decide they will bow out and make life simpler and just collect government benefits and from charities. They end up with a better life style than most folk who dont want to do this and keep up the so called "good fight".
But these people are losing every day. I don't know how our kids will be able to do it once everything is stolen from them by uncouth politicans and business people. Just to stay alive is becoming
difficult and this is where the big pharmaceutical companies come in and gobble up.
No one is looking for actual cures to what ails us.Just what they call maintenance.
They rather chop the leg than grow a cartilage.
 If they can grow an ear, they can grow an ear drum.
They can grow a liver or pancreas to keep you alive to 70 at least. They can grow blood cells and strong blood cells can kill cancer, over whelm it, so it shrivels and dies.Blood cells are soldiers just like cancer cells.
We all have cancer.

It takes someone with morals ethics and values to even care but the world hates these words and then wonder why their ships are sinking?

We used to have this farming family who owned lots of land around here.Well the Father died and the family  took over and sold out to contractors. All the land for cows sheep and food has houses on them.
It has become what could be described as a future slum.
One has to think why such a powerful family, who could have done so much good, sold out.
So in the end it is not about doing good.

It becomes scary when doing good takes second place to money, when money is not worth the paper it is printed on. When you sell something to get nothing, this is not good business because everything else we do from that point on is worth nothing because you sold out to get nothing and so have nothing to work with.

It can become very complicated and gives you a massive head ache thinking about it.
Easier to knit paint carpenter engineer etc... than to sit thinking about thinkers who are not thinking about doing good.
In the end it is the little things that you do that counts.

See how the drug people are winning? They grow on crown land, pay no taxes,and feed chemicals to the trusting, to create addicts and more business and therefore more demands for government to legalize drugs. Then it is easy to over power government because they become the good guys supplying a demand and thus enslaving a society.

And so many do not see this so we have a runaway train happening right now.
The good timers, are so hell bent about doing it their way and not according to the survival plan given to us for free
in the 10 Commandments , that develop hated words such as morals ethics and values.
These words are not fun.People have to grow up and under drug influence, this never happens.

I guess there always has to be a genesis and then there has to be a crucial end to again build from innocence and purity and good ness until hopefully, one day, we get it right.

Have a good one


George said...

You've certainly given us a lot to think about in this post. We have a Farmer's Market in our community during the growing season, and the produce is really delicious. And since we buy directly from the growers, the prices are very reasonable as well.

Rick Watson said...

I try not to watch the news too much. I think it lowers the vibrations of the human consciousness.

I agree with you that I'd much rather eat food grown locally, and I would even pay a little more if given the choice.

SandyCarlson said...

You are so talented. That is some beautiful work.

A Lady's Life said...

George that is what I think too but it is so convenient to buy at the normal stores since you are already there. So this is why I wish they would buy local as well.
But I guess this would kill the small stores.

A Lady's Life said...

Rick it really keeps you upset all the time and never ends cause people dont want peace. They just want power and control and money.

People who want peace would try to work things out so no one gets hurt.

In the end you have to let what you love go and if it comes back to you its cause it is meant to be this way.

A Lady's Life said...

Thanks Sandy