Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy First Day of the New Year!

Well Here we are, in the long time awaited New Year!

How I wish I could be with these horses enjoying the snow.
This is a good day to live on a farm.

Apparently New York said they will stop buggy rides and if they do
this would be very sad.
Its always nice to see a civilized society where animals are
 protected and included in mans' every day life.
We enjoy our neighbors's rooster crowing during the day.

We celebrated with the rest of the world. Got a few phone calls from
 people who did the same thing as we did, stayed home to relax and
take a breather.
My son went out to party with his girl friend.

I made samosas which we enjoyed and I guess so called left overs will be
enjoyed today.

People blew fire crackers outside and after  fair amount of barking, the dogs
all ran into our bedroom for moral  support.
One jumped on the bed and began to shake and the other made himself
comfortable beside the bed.

I hope you all had a wonderful safe evening and remember to
make life an every day celebration.

Have a good one.


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